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English duplex kerosene lamp on a brass columned base, with yellow glass well & an etched ball shade. Height 65 cm

Early oil lamp with brass column, frosted pink glass font and etched shade

A late 19th century French Baccarat banquet lamp, depose Pinwheel, with swirl glass body on square base and acid-etched shade. Height 92 cm.

A Victorian blue glass oil lamp, painted with finch in an autumn scene. Brass fittings. Height 60 cm.

A Victorian crystal and ebony banquet oil lamp, with amber etched shade, raised on a Corinthian column on stepped base. (fittings by F.T Sale 129 & 131 Oxford St.), circa 1875. Height 80 cm.

Antique kerosene lamp, with blue glass reservoir and cast metal base, height 50 cm approx

Kerosene banquet lamp, with Egyptian style brass base, ruby glass reservoir and double burner

An impressive Victorian silver plate banqueting lamp, the Corinthian column of multi-stepped base, the plain glass oil reservoir with optic cut detail, with etched glass shade and chimney.

An Arts & Crafts brass and copper oil lamp, circa 1900, with maker's mark of Hinks & Co, with a removable brass font with associated brass fittings supported in a boss with a central stem and three shaped buttresses with pairs of flared bracket

A bold Art Nouveau copper and bronze ball lamp, circa 1900, the ovoid lamp strikingly embossed with a large mascaron and trailing flora and whiplashes issuing from a flying nymph, raised upon four bronze paw feet, the collar supporting oil lamp apparatus.

A 19th century parlour lamp with a ruby glass Reservoir and twin burner, H. 69 cm

A Victorian oil lamp with green glass Reservoir, total ht. 53 cm

Late Victorian English kerosene lamp, with hand painted glass reservoir and stand, fitted with Duplex burner, 55 cm approx

Elaborate cast iron parlour lamp with ruby glass font and shade (double burner)

Early metal fuel lamp. Ceramic covered brass base on four paw feet, with original white glass shade & glass chimney.

A late 19th century Victorian ruby overlay glass oil lamp with embossed Art Nouveau floral design. 56 cm high.

An antique French white porcelain banquet oil lamp. Original fittings and shade.

A Victorian blue quilted satin glass oil lamp. Made by the Consolidated Lamp & Glass Company of Pittsburgh, P.A. 48 cm high.

A rare Royal Worcester oil lamp circa 1892 with complimentary replacement glass shade. 74 cm high.

A celadon glazed Hinks banquet oil lamp. Pate sur Pate decoration of classical lady with lamp on bronze base. Signed under porcelain FP, Sevres artist Fernand Paillet 1879-1888. 68 cm high.

An early 20th century Dresden floral encrusted oil lamp by the Carl Thieme Factory, in the Rococo taste with the reticulated stem. 87 cm high.

A striking Art Nouveau brass and copper standard lamp, circa 1900., Hinks duplex mechanism, an English telescopic standard oil lamp, with font and chimney, the stem with three buttresses with striking cast feather embellishments to a tri-footed base with s

A fine Benson Arts & Crafts Metalwork oil lamp, early 20th century, with maker's mark of William Arthur Smith Benson (1854-1924), in copper, brass and blackened steel, having a font with four sinuous buttress style supports pinched at the waist and

A German Sitzendorf Porcelain Table oil lamp supported by four cherubs. 54 cm high.

An Art Nouveau oil lamp with green ceramic base and hand enamelled design. Original green glass shade. 67 cm high.

Antique oil lamp, with dual burner & red glass font, 66 cm high approx.

An Edwardian silver plate Corinthian column oil lamp with cut crystal font, with hobnail-cut font the column on stepped square base, with a French inscription 'Un Dieu, Un Roy', marked 'Hardy Bros. Sydney Brisbane English Maker', 72 cm high

A Victorian oil lamp on brass Corinthian column, cut crystal font, Hink's Duplex double white button burner with bayonet mount and vaseline glass shade, 84 cm

An antique brass Tri-footed oil lamp base converted to Electricity, 163 cm

An Australian 'Aladdin Industry Heat Loxon Resisting' oil lamp, height 47 cm

Pair of 19th century painted Bohemian kerosene lamps, ruby glass, approx 25 cm high each

A Victorian kerosene lamp, the green glass body painted with florals and geometric designs on a gilded metal base, with cherub handles to each side, with Duplex burners, frosted shade hand painted with florals and glass chimney, with later electrical fitti

A Victorian kerosene lamp, the green glass oil reservoir decorated with swags and wreaths, raised on a brass column with brass and black terracotta base. Height excluding chimney and shade 45 cm

A Victorian kerosene lamp, the wheel cut clear glass oil reservoir raised on a wrythen twist brass column and stepped black terracotta base, with glass chimney and etched globe. Height excluding chimney and globe 45 cm

An antique oil lamp, cast iron base with ceramic Reservoir

Victorian corinthian column oil lamp with pink glass shade and reservoir

A late 19th century oil lamp painted with birds nesting with a rivet repair.

19th century black Mary Gregory glass oil lamp, painted with young boy on swing, stamped Rowatt's measures 59.5 cm high

A brass oil lamp with twin burner, glass shade and chimney, 99 cm

A ruby satin glass oil lamp with original shade, 19th century, 50 cm