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An American made mandolin Guitar (Zither), 51 cm x 34 cm

Concert ZIther, central European, 19th century in original case

Zither, 19th century ivory handled and mother of pearl inlaid zither. (faults)

Violinett/Chordophone-Zither c1900 by Johannes Pugh, Altona Germany (1851-1939) Stamped on fingerboard. Engraved Stauffer like headstock with four ivory tuners, one broken, one missing. 71 cm long. We found reference to one other which has the following la

Mandolin Guitar, c1894 (Actually a lap Zither) in original bo x with all accessories and a 'How to Play Book', in near mint condition. Gold leafing intact all decals as if made yesterday. Made in U.S.A. A Zither time capsule. Must view to appreciate