These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A small pair of Chinese blue and white 'Gu' shaped vases, Qing Dynasty, Shunzhi period (1638-1661), finely painted with scholar seating in a natural landscape, 9.6 cm high. Provenance: Melbourne private collection

A Chinese blue and white cylindrical brush pot, Shunzhi period (1644-1661), decorated with 'Qiling', banana tree and grasses, iron brown rim and flat base, 15.2 cm high' 10.4 cm diameter

A pair of Chinese blue and white plates, Shunzhi period (1638-1661), each one finely painted on the interior with a horned 'Qiling' sitting on rocks besides a banana tree, four-character 'Yu Tang Jia Qi' mark within a double-ring mark to the base, 38 cm di

Two Fencai porcelain wares, a footed bowl and a covered cup, probably people's Republic era, 20th century, the hexagonal bowl with a Robin's egg glazed interior and continuous decoration of auspicious 'Friends of winter' flora and fauna including cranes, d

A blue and white beaker vase, Gu, Qing dynasty Shunzhi period the sides painted with birds in flight and perched on branches of a blossoming prunus tree growing beside flowering plants, the centre with a band of lotus, pomegranate and pierced rockwork abov

A wucai enamel baluster jar, Shunzhi, 1644-1661, decorated in underglaze blue, enamels and iron-red with grape vines and rockwork, iron-brown dressed rim, the flat unglazed base with a blue enamel leaf over an original firing crack, 17.3 cm high, fitted bo

A good Chinese conical blue and white bowl, Shunzhi Period 1644-1661, well painted with three Buddhist lions interspersed by peony, brown dressed rim, Jiajing six character mark, fitted hardwood stand and box. 5.8 cm high, 17 cm diameter. Provenance: Acqui

A Chinese transitional blue and white rouleau vase, 1644-1661, Shunzhi period. Decorated in the centre with a continuous peony scroll, the flat base with two character inscription 21.5 cm high

A large Chinese transitional blue and white octagonal vase, 1644-1661, Shunzhi period. Well painted with kingfishers and insects above a pond, the base flat, gold-lacquer repairs. 30.5 cm high. Provenance: R and v Tregaskis, Sydney 1998; ex John Hilliard c

A rare Chinese blue and white saucer, 1644-1661, Shunzhi period. Painted with a large leaf and rocky platform, brown dressed rim, the leaf with an inscription in cursive script, four-character mark within a double-circle. 20.7 cm diameter. This reign mark

A rare Chinese transitional blue and white shallow bowl, 1644-1661, Shunzhi. Very well painted with figures in a landscape, a twenty-character inscription, brown-dressed rim, six-character. Jiajing mark. 15.8 cm diameter. Provenance: R and V Tregaskis, Syd

A rare Chinese blue and white bowl, 1644-1661, Shunzhi mark and period. Painted with four exotic animals, with a qilin in the centre. 17.5 cm diameter. Provenance: R and V Tregaskis, Sydney, 8/9/1998

A rare Chinese transitional blue and white stem-bowl, 1644-1661, Shunzhi period. Freely painted in the round with the eight horses of King Mu. 14.6 cm high, 11 cm diameter. Provenance: R and V Tregaskis, Sydney, 16/2/2000

A large Chinese transitional blue and white bottle-vase, mid 17th century, Chongzhen/Shunzhi. Decorated with a scene from a drama, with figures in various pursuits, beside a watercourse, flat unglazed base. 42.5 cm high. Provenance: A. Stuart-Robertson, 19

A blue-glazed bowl, Qing Dynasty, shunzhi period, well potted with widely flared sides incised on the interior with dragons encircling a central 'FlaMing pearl' beneath the glaze of even dark blue tone, the rim, footrim and base in brown, fitted box, (2),