These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Royal Doulton Dewar's Whisky flasks, 'The Watchman', 18.5 cm high approx. together with another Dewar's flask of the Piper, 20 cm high approx.

Rare Royal Doulton Dewar's Whisky flask, Watchman, 26.5 cm high approx.

Four Royal Doulton Dewars whisky flasks, tallest 25 cm, a/f

Doulton Lambeth: John Dewar & Sons, Perth Nb, whisky jug with portraits of Robbie Burns & Scottish scenes plus stopper. Impressed '966' or '996' on base. minor chip at base. Plus Horatio Nelson decanter. (2)

Doulton Lambeth: John Dewar & Sons, Perth Nb, Corinthian Queen Whisky Jug with stopper. Impressed 'Silicon' at base

Three Royal Doulton 'Dewar's' whisky jugs. One titled Here's to the Health of His Majesty, another titled Captain Phillip

Two rare Royal Doulton Kingsware 'Sporting Squire' Dewars Whisky flasks (2) the taller with original label 20 cm and 16 cm height

A Royal Doulton Kingsware 'The Night Watchman' Dewar's Whisky flask of slender form with loop handle decorated with the 'Watchman'

Royal Doulton Dewar's Whiskey jug, 'The Jovial Monk' 20 cm high

Royal Doulton Kingsware Dewar's Ben Jonson flask with stopper, approx 19 cm

Royal Doulton pair of 'Dewar's Whisky' jugs 'Tony Weller' signed Noke and 'The Jovial Monk'. Height of tallest, 20 cm.

Dewar's White Label' Scotch Whisky sign: 54 x 24 cm tin sign, transfer drum major print cutout, in tartan colours. Some missing paint but overall good condition

Dewar's Perth Whisky' porcelain advertising plaque. A comical scene entitled 'The Whisky of His Forefathers'. By W. T. Copeland & Sons. 16 cm diameter