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The glass-fronted bookcase entered the English cabinetmakers' repertoire about the mid-17th century, and the bookcase in one form or another has been an indispensable part of the civilized person's home ever since.The 17th century bookcase tended to be a glazed cabinet from plinth to pediment, with square glass panes. The later Stuart period saw the introduction of the bureau bookcase or the secretaire bookcase, where the bookshelves were double-heightened above a desk or cupboard base. Early bureau bookcases often had mirror or blind-panelled door fronts, although these have frequently been replaced with clear glass panes. During the Regency period, the fashion arose for small cabinet bookcases, rarely more than three feet in height, which left the walls clear for hanging prints and pictures, known in the trade as a 'dwarf bookcase'. Such bookcases were sometimes open at the front, others had elegant brass-grille doors, backed by pleated silk. A bookcase without doors is known in the trade as an 'open bookcase'. The revolving bookcase was invented during the 18th century. more...
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Vintage revolving bookcase, with cross banded top, 57 x 57 cm, 66 cm high

Sheraton Revival revolving bookcase fitted with small drawers

A rosewood revolving library bookcase, English, circa 1915, 111 cm high, 50 cm wide, 50 cm deep

An Edwardian mahogany revolving book case, early 20th century, the three tier bookcase with side splats and a single drop table upon a quadripartite base, height 101 cm, width 52 cm, depth 52 cm

A walnut revolving library bookcase with makers label Em. Terquem, Paris, French, circa 1900, 82 cm high, 42 cm square

An unusual mahogany revolving library bookcase with collapsable writing panel, English, 19th century, 92 cm high, 52 cm wide, 85 cm deep

A walnut square revolving bookcase, English, circa 1900, 116 cm high, 58 cm square

Revolving bookcase with inset leather top. Revolving on 4 splayed feet. Height 56 cm width 43 cm and Depth 43 cm

American oak revolving bookcase, early 20th century, the moulded square top above three shelves, on brass and wooden castors, height 115 cm width 51 cm depth 54 cm

A stylish marquetry hexagonal revolving bookcase, Continental, circa 1910 80 cm high, 48 cm diameter

A mahogany table-top revolving book-case, in Georgian style with inlaid decoration to the top, containing a number of earlier 20th volumes of literature. Height 28.5 cm. Width 28 cm. Depth 28 cm.

An Art Deco revolving timber bookshelves, circa 1920s. 171 cm high, 77 cm diameter

An inlaid mahogany finish revolving bookcase French, circa 1920, 84 cm high, 47 cm wide

An Edwardian blackwood revolving bookcase, with a square top, above an open body with multiple shelves and slatted sides, above a swivel base, 90 x 83.5 x 90 cm

A late 19th century revolving bookcase, leather inset top, 93.5 x 49.5 cm

Edwardian Kauri pine revolving bookcase 49 cm x 49 cm, 83 cm high approx.

Art deco revolving bookcase with glass top 50 cm x 50 cm, 63 cm high

A revolving bookstand, Australian blackwood with dropside bookrest, early 20th century. 106 cm high, 51 cm wide, 53 cm deep

Revolving bookcase with marquetry inlay top, 48 cm x 48 cm, 79.5 cm high

A c.1900 American 'Danner's Revolving Bookcase', in mahogany, of three tiers with triple/slatted sides, on sturdy cast iron mounted four-way revolving base with casters, the column marked with maker's details and patent date of 1876 'John Danner, Canton, O

A large walnut revolving bookcase, bearing makers label, Paris, French, circa 1940. 174 cm high

A blackwood revolving bookcase, Australian, first half 20th century, 115 cm high, 58 cm wide, 58 cm deep

A Late Victorian oak three tier revolving bookcase. Width 50 cm

A Victorian style beech and burr veneered revolving bookcase and etagere. Height 72 cm

A burr-walnut four sided bookcase, English, circa 1915, with central parquetry snowflake trophy, 83 cm high, 45 cm square

Revolving floor bookcase, approx 102 cm high, 53 cm wide

A rare late 19th century 'Arts & Crafts' mahogany revolving bookcase fitted with drawers and carved panels in the Gothic manner

An Australian specimen wood revolving bookcase, circa 1890-1900, of exhibition quality, the square top with multiple banded borders and central star motif, above two shelves with ivory inlaid vertical dividers, above a single drawers and raised on a pedest

Danners revolving walnut bookcase. Open gallery top with two levels under. 'Danners 1871' patent stencil to bottom shelf. Height 109 cm. Width 53 cm. Diameter 53 cm

Edwardian walnut revolving bookcase. Four section top with fretted ends, on cabriole leg base. Height 85 cm. Width 53 diameter 53

English oak revolving bookcase with folding and adjustable stand

A late Victorian walnut revolving bookcase, English, circa 1900, labelled Trubner and Co, Ludgate Hill, London. 116 cm high, 60 cm wide

A late Victorian walnut revolving book-case, late 19th century, of typical form, the square top with moulded edge above thee tiers with vertical slats to the ends around a square centre, revolving on a quadripartite base with castors. Height 117 cm. Width

A Fine Georgian style painted satinwood revolving bookcase,English,19th century. 97 cm high, 45 cm diameter

An Edwardian revival revolving bookcase, the square top set with floral marquetry sprays surrounded by inlayed overlapping banding, the two tier lower section fitted with reeded sides above x foot. Height 77 cm. Width 48 cm

A mahogany revolving bookcase, 20th century, the circular top above square revolving centre standing on four cabriole legs with platform base. Height 110 cm