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Vintage opera length butterscotch amber necklace, with graduating size beads

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Vintage cherry amber necklace, opera length with beads graduating in size

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Single strand amber style bead necklace graduated lozenge beads with earrings

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Amber necklace, in butterscotch tones in shaped natural form

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A massive strand of reconstituted amber beads, silk Road, the large beads are in hues of yellow, orange, honey, brown with a large white metal & enamel ball, threaded on metal wire & cord, used to decorate camels & yurts, length 182 cm beads 2.5-5 cm, diam

A graduated Baltic Clarified amber necklace, multi-coloured amber beads of 13 to 20mm. Weight 125g

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An early 20th century Baltic amber necklace, the amber piece set on brass links. Amber weight 8g. Provenance: Lithuania

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A rough amber necklace, graduated rough beads of 1-4 cm. Early 20th century. Weight 110g

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A cherry amber and ivory necklace, ivory round beads of approx. 8.94mm and amber beads of 14.88mm, screw ivory clasp. Length 66 cm.

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A Clarified green amber necklace, graduated beads of approx. 16 to 22mm. Weight 118g.

Natural amber necklace, each branch beads of approx. 20mm, including butterscotch amber. Weight 106g.

Natural amber necklace, each beads polished and of approx. 10 to 22mm length, including butterscotch amber. Weight 106g.

Amber necklace, graduating beads coloured 'goose fat' yellow, circa 1960s Soviet Union, approx 70 cm long & 86g

A vintage amber necklace, free form graduated mixed amber beads, length 60 cm.

Vintage Baltic butterscotch amber nugget necklace, size: approx 60 cm

Vintage graduated butterscotch amber necklace, size:78 cm length

An amber bead necklace, graduated strand of 1318mm round beads, length 112 cm.

Honey amber necklace, size: approx 49cm length

Mixed amber necklace, amber clasp, size: approx 70cm length

Vintage Baltic graduated honey amber necklace, with long and round beads and amber clasp, would benefit from re-stringing, size: approx 72cm

Yellow green matinee length Baltic amber necklace, comprising graduated natural amber beads

Multi-colour Baltic amber graduated bead necklace, A natural amber matinee length necklace with butterscotch beads

Vintage graduated butterscotch amber necklace, needs re-stringing

Matinee length multi-colour Baltic amber necklace, including butterscotch amber