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A painted Carpenters tool chest, with superb mahogany lined interior with drawers and the flame mahogany top with elongated sectioned inlay, side carrying handles, height 62 cm, width 93 cm, depth 63 cm

A carpenters tool trunk, Australian red cedar, 19th century, fitted with compartment and drawers, 51 cm high, 103 cm wide, 50 cm deep

A carpenter’s wood tool box, with assorted tools including saws, planes, callipers, oilstone, etc, a good lot of tools. 95 cm x 55 cm x 34 cm

A ships carpenter's tool box with assorted tools, 19th century, 27 cm high, 80 cm wide, 29 cm deep

A pine tool box with sailmaker and ships carpenters tools, 19th century, the box 17 cm high, 26 cm wide, 16 cm deep

Large Victorian mahogany & pine carpenters box, fitted with sliding crossbanded compartments & some tools

Large pine Carpenters trunk fitted with drawers, 57 cm high, 103 cm wide, 62.5 cm deep

Wood Planes & Carpenters tools: late 19th century, housed in original trunk with 52 assorted planes & large collection of hand tools. Inspection will reward

A large Victorian fitted carpenter's tool chest, complete with numerous period tools. Fitted with nine drawers, both banks of drawers on slides revealing further compartments. Brass recessed handles and locks. Width 94 cm. Depth 60 cm. Height 63 cm