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Five Victorian fancy gold plated seal Fobs inset with chalcedony and citrine glass with fancy key fob

An antique gold Albertina and spinner, the fetter link Albertina with T-bar fitting and ornate key with associated bloodstone and carnelian spinner, all in gold.

An antique double tassle fob, yellow gold, weight 15.19 grams.

Three lady's wristwatches, 9ct and rolled gold and four fob style watches.

Three various 9ct yellow gold fob medallions. All without monograms. Wt.9g (total)

Two early rolled gold fobs; one set with a carnelian other a spinning fob with bloodstone and carnelian with 2 swivel clasps (one 9ct) on a split ring.

9ct yellow gold fob drop marked APEX with mother of pearl drop, approx 9.1 grams without mother of pearl, in Angus & Coote box

Two 9ct gold & sterling silver fob medals 1910 & 1911 weigh 23.47gms

A silver armorial fob, the cartouche form pendant with Lowe crest ; 800 standard

Miniature pistol fob, 19th century Continental. 4 cm

Vintage 9ct rose gold carnelian and bloodstone swivel, fob pre 1966, chester marks. Third facet is gold. Approx 9.3 grams

A collection of antique jewellery, comprising seven pieces, five 9ct rose gold t-bars of simple style, one 9ct rose gold looking glass of round shape and finally a ribbon set fob piece with fitted double clasps

A selection of silver fob pieces, comprising ten sterling silver early fob pieces, most hallmarked with English marks, oval, round, shield and Maltese cross shaped, some plain with engraving, other with enamelled detail

Sterling silver and gold fob together with a sterling silver, enamel and gold brooch fob

Sterling silver fob for a Cheroot holder, Birmingham 1906

Collection: gold fob seal, Australian 1927 florin, badges (2), Vb beer advertising opener, sterling silver mounted (part) smoking pipe (6)

Two rolled-gold pocket Watches, one Elgin triple cased hunter, engine turned design and one English open-face fob. (2)

A Victorian amethyst and two-colour gold seal fob and 9ct gold neckchain. Total weight (all in) 10g.

A Victorian silver demi parure; consisting of a locket, brooch, a pair of earrings with later screw fittings and a fob (part of a collar), all with an engraved raised platform featuring gold highlights. Wt. 39.8g. Hallmarked Birmingham 1884

An engraved 8 x 1.5cm panel drop consisting of small 14K tri colour gold sections suspended from a fob clasp

A 9ct gold seal and fob; spinning fob set with onyx and bloodstone, seal with an amethyst. Wt. 19.9g.

9ct yellow gold Victorian fob swivel, with oval carnelian, blood stone and onyx set in decorative scalloped borders

French enamelled brooch 'Vpres' along with a sterling silver fob (2)

An Australian 9ct gold fob medallion with central shield applied with cricketing emblems. Wt 10.4g

A 9ct gold locket fob and bow brooch, the locket set with sapphire and diamonds. Weight (all in) 9.8g