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French petit point evening bag with marcasite and pink stone frame

A framed petit point picture, 19th century, in muted tonings and finely worked, depicting an 18th century style scene of a young woman and a boy in a woodland setting with various dogs and a garland clad deer. Height 71 cm. Width 54.5 cm

Large Italian petit point tapestry depicting a jovial scene with nobelity, gold gilt border, 'Eulalia Bontems' 113 cm, x 138 cm. Provenance: Orlando Brown Collection, Mosman

An early 19th century Petit point needlework of a young girl and attendant fawn. original gilded frame. 50 x 46 cm

A Petit point needlework panel, English, late 18th century, depicting the mythological story of Deianira, Hercules and Nessus the tale of love, revenge and finally, death 71 by 53 cm

Antique European Petit point. Women with lute and garland. 16 x 11 cm

Two Petit-point face screens the needlework of floral designs worked on fine wire mesh, the mesh secured within a shaped and painted metal frame, each screen supported on a turned and carved wood handle. Note; some mesh rust. Length 39 cm