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A good quality Victorian oak stick barometer. by Greenhow, Chelmsford, intricate carved decoration, with thermometer. Height 110 cm.

A 19th century Pastorelli & Rapkin stick barometer, the brass cylindrical case mounted on oak back, 112 cm high

A Victorian mahogany stick barometer, a Victorian mahogany stick barometer with mercury column by J J Ciceri, Mantica and Torres, Edinburgh. Thermometer guage. Height 94 cm

A 19th century shell inlaid rosewood banjo shaped wall barometer marked P. Kruse 3 Kerford terrace Chelsea. 103 cm long

An Ellery's brass mounted aneroid marine barometer, second half 19th century, 13 cm diameter. Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, New South Wales. From the collection of Keith Ball

19th century mahogany wheel barometer by Joseph Somalvico & Co, London with brass urn and fittings, silverised barometer and dial

Victorian R McAdam, Dumfries mercury stick barometer. Combination thermometer. Ivory plate to top, mahogany body. Label noting repair 1968. Length 92 cm

A barometer by J & W.E. Archbutt 201 Westminster Bridge Rd London, 19th century. 101 cm high

Pocket Barometer in a leather case lined with green velvet. Dial marked 'Compensated. W. Littlejohn & Son Wellington'. The front bezel rotates & is calibrated in feet. Late 19th century. 5 cm diameter

Luckham, Kingsbridge Victorian mahogany cased barometer and thermometer case inlaid with marquetry swag. Height 85 cm

Early Victorian mercury dial barometer. Walnut veneer case by S & F Hettish, Exeter. Features remotely set comparison indicator. Complete but needs recommissioning. Estate late Douglas Osborne Hawke. Height 90 cm

Victorian mercury dial barometer, including Hygrometer & alcohol thermometer. Mercury intact. Requires recommissioning. Estate late Douglas Osborne Hawke. Length 93 cm

A Scottish rosewood brass-mounted stick barometer by S. Bon, Dundee, 19th century

A good wall barometer and thermometer, carved with hunting dogs and other animals, Swiss, 19th century. 94 cm long, 51 cm wide.

A George IV mahogany barometer, English, first half 19th century. 98 cm high

Victorian Flame Mahogany Wheel Barometer. Silvered hygrometer, thermometer and signed spirit level with a curved base. 98 cm high. 26 wide

G.Taroni, Leek, 19th century mahogany barometer. Approx 108 cm high

Victorian inlaid mahogany barometer with a temperature gauge in fahrenheit and centigrade and a weather dial. Length 85 cm

A Victorian oak cased Admiralty type stick barometer, decorated with Gothic motifs and carving, both the milk glass thermometer and barometer under glass. Height 100 cm

An early Victorian mahogany banjo barometer, circa 1840s, with maker's mark for T. Pini, Princes Street, Redlion square, London, of double banjo form with a swan neck pediment and having an hydrometer, mercurial thermometer, a level, convex mirror and merc

A late Victorian thermometer and barometer in rococo style carved wood frame. Height 78 cm. Width 37 cm

A late Victorian oak cased mercury stick barometer by Camerer Cuss, London, c.1900. Two glass fronted panels for Rise and fall with adjusting scales and a thermometer in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Height 101 cm

A Victorian flame mahogany wheel barometer. Silvered hygrometer, thermometer and signed spirit level with a curved base, 105 cm, 32 cm wide

A Victorian brass aneroid barometer, marked Goyon, Paris; the cyldrical case resting on an ebonized cradle. Height 20 cm

Antique 19th century English barometer, by a Boffi of Hastings, floral marquetry inlaid decoration & rosewood, 102 cm high

A 19th century English oak aneroid Barometer, with ceramic dial

A 19th century English mahogany cased stick barometer signed Bate, London, with a broken swan neck pediment above a silvered register and a bowed rectangular body, (the ivory adjusting knob now missing), 98.5 cm high.

A good late Victorian oak cased barometer retailed by H. Sherratt, Manchester, the architectural carved case enclosing a thermometer above a circular silvered barometer, engraved 'H. Sherratt, 29. Blackfriars St, Manchester', 40 cm wide, 120 cm high

A Victorian barometer in glass case by. W. Littlejohn & Sons, Wellington. Height 19 cm. Width 36 cm

A 19th century brass marine barometer, mercury column with brass wall mount gimbal fitting. 'Lisbon'. Height 93 cm

A Victorian 'G. H. Zeal' wall barometer, circa 1890, London the long timber mandolin shaped carcass surrounds the central round dial and rectangular thermometer inlaid with floral and shell motifs all trimmed with a decorative striped inlaid edge. Length 1

An unusual Swordfish bill barometer, Australian, 19th century and later, with a mercury filled barometer and thermometer applied to the bill, within blackwood and pine case 126 cm high

An oak stick barometer by Kent and Dobbie, Australian, 19th century, with original mercury filled barometer and thermometer to the face, signed Kent and Dobbie, Opticians Melbourne 107 cm high

An oak stick barometer, signed T. Gaunt, Melbourne, 19th century, with original mercury filled barometer and thermometer, the silvered plate signed T. Gaunt, Melbourne 101 cm high

A Victorian pocket barometer, with a brass case and moving outer ring. Maker F.L. West, London. Diameter 5 cm

A mahogany wheel barometer by L. Barnascone, Trinbridge, 19th century, the banjo-shaped string-inlaid case with a swan-neck pediment above a silvered 'dry/damp' dial and thermometer gauge, silvered vernier dial beneath, the lower part with a silvered spiri

A 19th century shell inlaid rosewood banjo shaped wall barometer marked Arighi-Maccelsfield

A fine mid 19th century brass-inlaid mahogany barometer, the swan neck pediment centred by a ribbed urn over heavy brass applied mouldings and inlay, the trunk set with a mercury thermometer and terminating in a turned cistern cover, the angled silvered sc

A 19th century oak framed combination clock and barometer, the pierced and foliate carved stand inset with a time piece and a barometer. Height 43 cm