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Rare Antique French painted dial barometer, by Par Carcano Place Daupinne No 2 A Paris

Antique French barometer with carved hunting dog motif, approx. 66 cm high

Fine antique French gilt bronze aneroid barometer by Mon Loiseau Boucart 35 Quai de Hoiloge Paris

Antique French Barometer/ thermometer, approx 73 cm high

Antique French floral marquetry banjo barometer, silvered dial, approx 102 cm high

Rare 18th century French gilt wood barometer, with Lyre shaped crest with thermometer, above a large octagonal framed barometer

Antique French oak thermometer and barometer, approx 58 cm high

Antique French carved wall barometer, approx 66 cm high

Antique French carved wall barometer, approx 58 cm high

French Black Forest barometer, carved with hounds head & hanging rabbit & pheasant, approx 68 cm high, 29 cm wide

Antique French gilt tin barometer, stamped Cartels Brevetes approx 70 cm high

Antique French carved oak barometer, approx 80 cm high

Antique French carved walnut Renaissance style board with thermometer, approx 155 cm high

Antique French barometer, approx 83 cm high, 63 cm wide

Vintage French leather & bronze decorated barometer. 19 cm high

A good gilt-wood barometer, French, circa 1780. 105 cm high, 44 cm wide

A French white metal wine thermometer and stand, 20th century, marked 'Etain', the removable alcohol thermometer resting in a stand engraved with the optimum serving temperatures for various wines, both parts decorated with grape bunches and leaves. Height

French mahogany wall Barometer, c.1840's, engraved silvered dial. Height 91 cm

Antique 18th century French gilt & painted wood Barometer, with no workings, hand painted simulated decoratyion, 1779, height 109 cm

A 19th century French gilt wood Barometer and thermometer, the waisted case pierced and carved with leaf tips and ribbons centred by a painted register and a circular dial, 97 cm high.

Antique French carved walnut Henri II Barometer, 72 cm high

A French rosewood cased, thermometer, the painted and calibrated gauge within an egg and dart carved surround, surmounted by a ribbon and torchere crest, 51 cm high.

Antique French Henri II clock/barometer combination 90 cm high

A French Louis XVI giltwood barometer and thermometer, inscribed 'Barometre selon Torricelly/, thermometre selon Beaumur'. Width 15.5 cm. Height 97 cm .

French walnut eight day strike combination clock/barometer and thermometer with applied cast spandrels.

Rare 19th century French 'Marine' automatic combination time piece enamelled ormolu and onyx rotating lantern top with twin clock dials, thermometer and aneroid barometer driven by a separate movement to the bollard base. Height 52 cm

A fine early 20th century French rosewood and inlaid banjo barometer. Height 99 cm

Late 19th century French carved clock/barometer station with enamel Chapters

A 19th century berometer by J. Maver, four Beauchamp St leather lane Holborn London missing glass front with faults, together with Salters spring balance hanging scale and a French Holsteric barometer

A 19th century French spelter figural aneroid barometer, mounted within a globular surround balanced on an urn supported by a classical draped maiden raised on a socle base 73 cm high.

An early 20th century French brass combination desk timepiece, the twin arched case set with an enamel Roman dial to the right hand side and an aneroid barometer to the left 22 cm wide