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Antique French bronze bell, with original wooden frame and iron bracket

A Victorian gilt bronze and turquoise dinner bell and stand with a Cupid finial, from the 1851 London Great Exhibition with paper label 'Has been in the Exhibition 1851. Manufactured by S. Wertheimer, 35 Greek Street, Soho, London', 12 cm high, The

A bronze and iron bell, French 17th/18th century 38 cm high

A modern bronze 'Steam Punk' inspired sculpture, the bell form conical sculpture comprising a series of joined borders to the base, the roughly cast tactile body impressed with myriad cogs, wheels and other small mechanical parts surmounted by a qu

Antique French early 19th century bronze house or gate bell, with iron mounts, bell approx 15.5 cm diameter

Antique French early 19th century bronze house or gate bell, with original wood and iron mounts, approx 28 cm high

A bronze bell by H.T Koenigsbourg, Alsace, 19th century. 20 cm high, 20 cm diameter

Antique French bronze bell, cast in relief with classical figures, approx 30 cm high

A cast bronze bell, signed Garvarnie, French, 19th century, 13.5 cm high, 13.5 cm diameter

Bronze bell on scroll metal wall bracket, with pull chain

Antique French bronze bell, approx 30 cm high, 22 cm diameter

Antique French bronze bell, cast in low relief with classical figures, approx 25.5 cm high

A fine Whitechapel bronze bell embossed with date 1829 from the famous London foundry. 30.5 cm high, 31 cm diameter

Solid bronze ships bell marked 'Arkandros April 1975', approx 28 cm high

An old bronze ship's bell, traditional flared form, sturdy iron turned fitting with knob end to top. Diameter 28.2 cm, height 38 cm

Antique French bronze bell with wooden and iron mount, approx 42 cm high

An antique bronze bell impressed Bijanoon P.S. Colonial Burma, approx 18 cm high

A bronze ships bell, marked 1834 height17 cm

An early 20th century bronze ship's bell inscribed 'Conquor'. Believed to have been cast following the victory in the Boer war. Height 13 cm. Diameter 20 cm

A heavy bronze ship's bell of traditional shape with top suspension lug and clapper. Height 24 cm

An old bronze ship's bell with raised badge of cross and wreath with inititials JB. Height 29 cm

Victorian cast bronze bell from the Edith May stamped Edith May 1875 with attached wall bracket

A 19th century bronze bell of approx 22lbs. Believed to have been used in the mines, but this has not been verified

A late Georgian bronze bell dated 1819 around rim, original patina, clapper missing. Height 34 cm diameter of base 32 cm

An Antique Bronze School Bell, with a well patinated turned wood handle and a solid 'ring' tone. Height 31.5 cm