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An impressive Japanese Edo period Samurai suit of armour, with multi hob-nail plate sujibachi ridged helmet, decorative fukigaeshi (turnbacks), russet lacquered iron menpo (face plate), laced multi-panelled throat guard, shoulderplates, chest guards and le

A Japanese Menpo, Edo period (1603-1868), 17th/18th century, in russet iron with red lacquer interior (some chipping), fully grooved, with fixed nose and teeth and cord hooks to cheeks, the Yodare-kake (throat guard) with some losses, 21.5 cm high. Provena

A black lacquered Nara menpo, 19th century, the nose detachable and with hair moustache, fitted with a four lame 'yodarekake' laced in blue 'sugake odoshi' and with red lacquered interior

A black lacquered Nara menpo, 19th century, the nose detachable, fitted with a stiff bristle moustache and chin tuft, and with a four-lame 'yodarekake' of 'kiritsuke kozane' laced in dark blue 'kebiki odoshi', and a red lacquered interior

A black lacquered Nara menpo, 18th/19th century, with dark hair moustache and chin tuft, the nose detachable, the interior lacquered in red, fitted with a four-lame 'yodarekake' below a leather and fabric edge and laced in dark blue 'sugake odoshi'

A Japanese Samurai suji kabuto, constructed in the Yoshi-ryu style, the bowl fitted with a lacquered menpo and laced in brown, the wakidate deer horns in black lacquer with evidence of original gilt, missing tehen kanamono, 93 cm wide, 73 cm deep, 46 cm hi

A Japanese black-lacquer armour 19th century, the suit laced in blue with white and orange trim, with an akoda nari kabuto constructed of eight plates lacquered black and applied with copper fukurin to the ridges, the recessed Crown mounted with a four-sta

A Japanese brown-lacquer armour with a momonari kabuto 19th century, laced in white, orange and green lacing and comprising a momonari kabuto lacquered russet brown and mounted with a four-lame Hineno-style yodarekake, the fukig'shi applied with stenciled

A Japanese black-lacquer armour by Yoshikazu, the cuirass signed Ashujin nakahachiman Minamoto Yoshikazu and dated, 1850, the helmet and menpo signed Minamoto Yoshikazu comprising a shallow momonari kabuto, with a heavy three-lame shikoro ending in large f

A Japanese blue-laced black-lacquer armour 18th-19th century, the momonari kabuto constructed of six plates with a medial ridge running along the Crown and fitted with a five-lame Hineno-style shikoro, the m'date a gold and red-lacquer Buddhist flaming jew

A Japanese haramaki-style suit of armour 20th century, lacquered gold and laced in bright orange and comprising a russet-iron fourteen-plate o-boshi kabuto fitted with gilt-metal shinodare and a large two-stage chrysanthemum tehen kanamono, a wide five-lam

A Japanese black-lacquer armour with a nuinobu do 18th-19th century, laced in blue and green with orange and white highlights, the russet-iron sixteen-plate suji kabuto with a three-stage shakudo tehen kanamono and fitted with a four-lame shikoro, the bowl

A Japanese black-lacquer armour 18th century, the suit laced entirely in blue with white highlights and comprising a bulbous twelve-plate suji kabuto with an extended mabisashi, all lacquered black, the top with a gilt-metal three-lame tehen kanamono carve

A Japanese black-lacquer armour with a okegawa do 19th century, components all lacquered black with gold and black ishime highlights on the lowest lames, laced in blue and comprising a twenty-four plate suji kabuto lacquered black and with a four-stage sha

A Japanese gold and black armour 20th century, decorated over all with scrolling vines on a black ground and comprising a suji kabuto with a four-lame shikoro, the fukig'shi with Shimazu family crests, the metal m'date pierce carved with the Shimazu family