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Peter Tereszczuk, Austrian 1875-1963, Art Nouveau bronze and ivory figural dish, circa 1910. Cast as a farm girl looking out over fields and barns, the face carved in ivory, signed, 27 cm width.

A gilt bronze figure of a young peasant girl by P Tereszczuk with foundry mark 'AR'. Height 29.5 cm

Chryselephantine figure by P Tereszczuk signed, on an onyx base, some splitting to the ivory. Height 35 cm

An ivory inlaid bronze plaque signed, P. Tereszczuk, circa 1900, the ovoid tray with a relief landscape scene with a young girl with ivory face in the foreground, incised signature and monogram to lower left edge, 27 cm wide.

Peter Tereszczuk 1875-1963 a bronze and ivory figure group, modelled as two young girls dancing, mounted on a bronze circular plinth 16 cm high

An Art Nouveau bronze and ivory figure. Early 20th century, signed P. (Peter) Tereszczuk, the figure depicts Pierrot as a child in a sullen mood with ivory face. Incised signature to base. Height 13 cm.

A bronze and ivory female figure signed T, Ulrich Austria (1915 - 1930), modelled as a dancing figure with her dress raised, ivory head and bust, Tereszczuk-Ullmann foundry mark. Height 23.5 cm