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Fire dogs, the popular name for andirons and chenets, are metal supports for logs in the fireplace, usually with two feet at the front and one at the back. They hold the wood above the hearth level allowing the air to pass around it to facilitate burning. Until the beginning of the 15th century they were made of wrought iron, and after this date were made in cast iron or steel, often with decorative brass embellishments.
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A pair of fine gilt bronze fire dogs, French, 19th century, modelled with spaniels sitting on an elaborate plinth, 38cm high, 27 cm wide, 14 cm deep

Pair early brass and iron fire dogs, each of brass 3 columns on cast iron bases, height 16 cm, length 23 cm(each).

A pair of gilt brass urn mounted fire dogs and fender, 19th century, the fire dogs 35 cm high

Pair of antique 19th century French large size bronze andirons, each approx 45 cm high, 47 cm long (2)

Fire dogs. Pair of early 20th century, brass dogs decorated with fire Sprites

Pair of antique French bronze and iron andirons, each 20 cm high, 38 cm long

A pair of neoclassical style brass Andirons with matching fender, 19th century, the andirons of conical form with black porcelain cup covers, brass waisted necks and bases, flared bracket handles with animal motifs and an extendable fender with Greek fret

A pair of rococo style brass chenets and fender, 19th century, the cast chenets of florid pierced vegetal form with acanthus motifs and scroll work on shaped bases, with a conforming pierced and cast fender. Height 42.5 cm. (fire dog) length 66 cm. (fender

An antique brass fire surround, 19th century. a pierced border fender and a matching pair of well cast side chenets with lion's head masks, cascading vegetal and bursting fruit forms to a lobed base. Length 111 cm. (fender) height 55 cm. (fire dogs)

French gilt pair of Louis XVI style pair of chenets each decorated with cast metal griffin guards & having flaming urn style supports. Condition good, minor age related wear. Length 38 cm

A pair of chenets, in ormolu and bronze, the ormolu bases of rococo shape with acanthus mounted scrolls surmounted by patinated bronze dragons

Pair of white painted Brittany figural andirons, each approx. 34 cm long (2)

Pair of fine antique French andirons, approx. 30 cm high (2)

A solid brass figure of a mermaid and a pair of cast brass stylised dolphin fire andirons (2)

A pair of ornate large cast iron brass andirons, double graduated urn form finial tops with pineapple, floral, mask and dolphin detail above the main brackets with cherub mask and figures, floral swags and dolphin head feet, plain steel brackets behind. He

A pair of impressive Continental sculptured brass fire dogs (suitable for large fire place). 67 cm high, 96 cm long

Pair of antique French bust form andirons, 'Automne' each approx 20 cm high, 34 cm deep (2)

A pair of bronze andirons, 19th century. 58 cm high, 26 cm wide.

Pair of French bronze and cast iron andirons, approx 38 cm long, 20 cm high (2)

Pair of antique French bronze mask head andirons, approx 40 cm long, 25 cm high (2)

A pair of Louis XVI style gilt bronze chenets and fender, 19th century, each well cast as an urn topped pedestal with ram's head lug handles entwined with a sinuous arching snake motif, the acanthus leaf embellished pillar with paterae and pendant husks sw

A pair of French bronze chenets, later 19th century, with Louis XV and Art Nouveau elements, the scrolled and low pillar form chenets each with fruit and floral filled urns entwined by a sinuous foliate arm terminating in a fruiting motif. Height 57 cm

Pair of antique French pierced C scroll polished bronze fire dogs, each approx 30 cm high (2)

Pair of antique French bust form andirons, 'Automne' each approx 20 cm high, 34 cm deep (2)

Pair of antique French urn form andirons, each approx 36 cm high, 43 cm long (2)

Pair antique French cast iron bust form andirons, approx 22 cm high, 38 cm long (2)