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Gyro –Cycle, Tri-Ang brand (lines Bros.), British tinplate and plastic wind-up toy in excellent original condition. Figure in blue and cycle in red with all mechanisms intact in good plus original box inc. Instructions and bottle of lubricating oil,

A Triang (Australia) Victorian Railways Observation cab c.1950's/60's, and Hornby post war loco & tender (3)

A superd child's Tri-Ang Express vintage blue toy train United Kingdom

Hornby Dublo electric Trains made and Guaranteed by Meccano Ltd' Showcard 24 x 13 cm (M); twelve assorted 1950s -1960s Hornby Dublo, Triang and Gamages Catalogues, including Gamages 1963 (130 Pages) catalogue; 3 Dublo loco Operating instructions, plus 4 Du

Large collection of Triang, Hornby and Peco rolling stock and accessories, including three power control units; Dublo station and bridges; and others, boxed and unboxed, A/F

Tri-Ang Minic clockwork tin plate British Railways van with red and cream body with original decals and in original box (G-VG box F-G)

Three Hornby model Railway sets, including R.773 'Spirit of Progress', including Instruction leaflet; Tri-Ang OO' gauge electric scale model 'Rix' passenger train with 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth loco no. 46201 in Orginal box with internal packaging and displ

Triang Lion Bros locomotive floor toy, 50 cm long approx.

Eleven various Hornby, Tri-Ang and Dublo models, including four locomotives, boxed as is (11).

Ten various Hornby and Tri-Ang models, including freight, tanker and carriage models, boxed (10).

Twelve various Hornby and Tri-Ang models, including freight and carriage models, boxed as is (12).

Sixteen various Hornby and Tri-Ang models, including one locomotive and side Tipping car set, boxed as is (16).

Fourteen various Hornby Dublo and Tri-Ang models, including T.P.O mail van set and Di Level Crossing, boxed, as is (14).

Six crane models, including Bachmann, Tri-ang and unmarked, unboxed (6).

Fifteen carriage and freight models, including Trax, Tri-ang, Lima etc, unboxed (15).

Thirteen various passenger carriages, including Hornby, Tri-ang and Lima, unboxed (13).

A group of Tri-Ang and Hornby Cargo and freight carriages, including tankers, unboxed (qty).

A group of Tri-Ang Cargo and freight carriages, unboxed (15).

A small group of models, including Tri-ang, Hornby and Airfix, two locomotives and various freight, unboxed (12).

A small group of Hornby, Tri-Ang and Airfix models, including two locomotives, unboxed (12).

A collection of Tri-Ang models, including crane, brake 2nd coach, blue with seats, and various freight and passenger cars, boxed (13).

A collection of Tri-Ang freight and Cargo models, unboxed (25).

Nine Tri-Ang Hornby models, passenger cars and two freight models, three boxed (9).

Nine Tri-Ang Hornby models, including three passenger cars and six freight models, boxed (9).

Eleven various freight models and a carriage, Hornby, Dapol and Tri-ang, seven boxed (11).

Eight various passenger and freight carriages, including Tri-ang, Airfix and one Powerline, unboxed (8).

Seven long passenger carriages, six Tri-ang and one Lima, Af, unboxed (7).

Twelve various carriage and freight models, including Tri-ang, Airfix etc, unboxed (12).

Large collection of Hornby Dublo models and Hornby Tri-Ang models and accessories, including Hornby Dublo T.P.O mail van set, rolling Stock, tracks, points, Merit Toys fir tree kits, and others, mostly boxed (60+ a Lot)

Triang M.509 diesel Flyer with 2 coaches, plastic, in original box (F-G box F-G)

Thirteen tinplate rolling stock wagons with Tri-ang 4-6-2 locomotive and tender 46201 Princess Elizabeth and Dock shunting loco

Twelve tinplate rolling stock wagons with Tri-ang 4-6-4 tank locomotive

Four boxed Triang Railways CKD Kit carriages, R. 387, 382, 383 and 384. Together with three unboxed Triang Southern Railway coaches

Collection of plastic Triang Hornby coaches, unboxed (F-G) (9)

Triang Hornby R.666 Articulated carrier with detachable Bogie and 16 x Minix cars, 10 of 16 still with original cellophane (E-M box F-G)

Triang Railways R.237 Depressed Centre Car with Low Loader/Bulldozer Load; Minic Motorways Rm 922 Railway Car; and 4 x Triang Minic Vehicles (6)

Triang Minic OO/HO gauge M.1525 Motorways with off-white and red Mercedes and Racing Green Jaguar, 8 x curved track segments, 2 x straight track segments, 2 x Gradient pier Caps, 2 x Controls and an Owner's Handbook (VG-E box G-VG)