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An O gauge new in box rail King 4-6-4 Hudson steam engine Chesapeake & Ohio cab no. 491 with Proto sound

A new unopened Precision scale models brass Victorian Railways R Class 4-6-4 steam locomotive standard coal burner in O gauge

A Robilt boxed O gauge clockwork train set consisting of Victorian Railways 0-4-0 steam locomotive & tender, two green passenger coaches, Track, Instruction Leaflets & key

Collection of Marklin Mini-club and Z gauge Railway of 8822 diesel electric crocodile 88536 electric locomotive DB a G 8885 4-6-0 steam loco & tender

Bowman live steam locomotive and hand made tender, 4-4-0 LNER (faults)

C1920 Bassett-Lowke gauge I live steam Mogul locomotive and tender 2-6-0 2471 LNER

A Marklin 1 gauge 55001 live steam locomotive and tender marked Deutsche Reichsbahn 89 6223, with operation manual and supplement. Condition, missing controller Average some corrosion. Please note: This lot is part of a deceased estate and have been in sto

Mamod steam powered engine, made in England, A/F, and a Hornby OO gauge city of London loco 46245 (2)

Eight Corgi vintage Glory of steam models, including 80101 Fowler B6 Showmans locomotive (the lion) Anderton & Rowland; two 80103 Fowler B6 'Super Lion' Showmans engine (King Carnival 11); two 80104 Fowler B6 road locomotive 'Atlas'- Norman E Box Ltd; 8010

Three boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, including Y-9 Showman's engine; Y-1 Allchin Traction engine; and Y-13 Santa Fe locomotive 4-4-0 (E boxes VG-E); and ten unboxed 1st series Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, including Y-11 1920 Aveling and Porter stea

A collection of models, including YS-16 1929 Scammel 100 ton truck-trailer with G.E.R. Class E4 2-4-0 locomotive; Y12 1937 G.M.C. Van Y-8 1917 Yorkshire steam wagon and others (10)

Wrenn: Oo/Ho Scale W2209 4-6-2- Class A4 steam locomotive 'Golden Eagle' with tender plus 6 freight cars; all in original boxes. (7 items).

Rivarossi: Ho Scale steam locomotives and tenders, comprising #1347 Prussian State Railways P10 No.2811; #1544 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific 'Baltimore & Ohio No.5309'; #1548 4-6-6-4 Challenger 'Union Pacific No.3985'; #1568 Heisler 'Salmon Creek Lumber Co. No.3'; a

Rivarossi: Ho Scale steam locomotives and tenders, comprising #1224 0-8-0 'Indian Harbor Belt No.102'; #1238 2-8-8-2 Mallet 'Norfolk & Western No.2197'; #1306 2-12-0 'Austrian'; #1339 BR 10-001 Deutsche Bundesbahn'; #1312 Royal Wurttemberg State Railways K

Rivarossi: Ho Scale steam locomotives and tenders, comprising #1570 4-8-8-2 Ac-11 Cab Forward 'Southern Pacific No.4257'; #1571 4-8-8-2 Ac-11 Cab Forward 'Southern Pacific No.4270'; #1583 4-6-4 Hudson 'Blue Goose - Santa Fe'; #R5468 Heisler 'St. Regis Pape

Rivarossi: Ho Scale steam locomotives and tenders, comprising #1265 2-8-8-0 Mallet El-5 'Baltimore & Ohio'; #1590 4-6-4 Hudson '303' Chesapeake & Ohio'; #1578 4-8-4 Fef-3 'Union Pacific No.841'; plus #6886 & #6887 sets A & B 1920's Canadian Pacific carriag

Kato Precision Railroad Models: Ho Scale: A Kato 1-201 Jnr Steam locomotive, an EF65 500 Electric locomotive, plus rolling stock comprising 1-410, 1-501, 1-502, 1-503, 1-516, 1-517, 1-518, 1-519, 1-520, 1-521, 1-805, 1-809. All Nib.

Jouef: Ho Scale group comprising Dijon Steam locomotive 231 with tender, plus 10 freight cars. (11 items). Mainly Nib.

Jouef: Ho Scale collection comprising a Pacific South-East Steam locomotive 231 plus tender; a Charbon Mikado Steam locomotive 141 plus tender; a Verdun 140 Steam locomotive plus tender; also, 9 different passenger cars. Some Nib. (12 items).

Hornby: Oo Gauge rolling stock, steam locomotive ('Mallard'), track, turntable and associated items; much Nib.

Hornby: Oo Scale steam locomotives with tenders, comprising R.188 LNER 4-6-0 Class B17/4 'Arsenal'; R.532 Gwr 2-8-0 2800 Class; R.060 BR Class B17 4-6-0 'Leeds United'; R.533 SR 4-4-0 Schools Class 'St. Lawrence'; R.314 BR 4-6-0 Black 5 Class; R.298 Gwr 4-

Hornby: Oo Scale steam locomotives with tenders, comprising R.259 B.R. Class D41/1 'Yorkshire'; R.078 G.W.R. 4-6-0 'King Edward 1'; R.859 LNER 4-4-0 'The Fitzwilliam'; R.320 SR West Country Class 'Exeter' Limited Edition; R.322 BR 2-8-0 Class 8F; R.860 BR

A model locomotive steam engine and a copper cooling tank. 32 cm high

Mainline: OO scale collection of steam locomotives with tenders (3 different) plus 11 various freight cars and one electric loco. (15 items). Mainly in boxes

Gutzold: steam locomotive BR 19 'Sachsenstolz'. Nib

Fleischmann: steam locomotives comprising #4178, 4179 & 4363. All in original boxes. (3 items)

Fleischmann: steam locomotives comprising #4105, 4118 & 4138. All in original boxes. (3 items)

Fleischmann: steam locomotives comprising #1351F, 4077 & 4102. All in original boxes. (3 items)

Dapol: OO scale collection comprising 4 different steam locomotives; BR Dorchester Castle 900186, Gwr green D022, Sdjr D67 and Gwr 'Pendennis Castle' DD06; together with 39 freight cars. All Nib (43 items)

Broadway limited: Paragon series Prr J1 2-1-4 #6170 steam locomotive with sound. Nib

Brawa: BR 0630 steam locomotive and tender in black German livery. Nib

Blackstone models: H0n3 scale Denver & Rio grande Western K-27 Class 2-8-2 steam locomotive plus 3 freight cars. All Nib. (4 items)

Bachmann Spectrum series: Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation & tender steam locomotive (Southern green) #11413; also #11414 (W.M.Fireball); H16-44 baby Trainmaster diesel (Southern) #81218 and Emc Gas electric Doodlebug (Baltimore & Ohio) #81404. Mainly Nib. (4 i

Bachmann Spectrum series: Usra heavy mountain 4-8-2 steam locomotive (Southern Pacific) with oil tender #82502, Usra light 4-8-2 mountain locomotive (Southern) #81602 plus several 44 ton Switchers (decorated & Undecorated), etc. (7 items)

Bachmann Spectrum series: Usra 2-6-6-2 articulated steam locomotive (nickel plate road) #82604 plus carriages diner #8016, coach #4535, coach #3764, Combine carriage with Porthole door #9916, Observation car #180& coach #3814. (7 items)

Bachmann Spectrum series: 'On30' 2-8-0 Dcc Equipped steam locomotives (little river Logging Co. #25963 & Colorado Mining Co. #25962) together with Ventilated box car #27656 (Breakwater & Delaware Bay), Billboard Reefers #27482 (Rohrbach's Brewery), #27468

Bachmann china: Qj 2-10-2 steam locomotive CT00302 plus L18 grain Hopper CF00609, C64 open wagons CF00402 & CF00407. All Nib. (4 items)

Bachmann china: Qj 2-10-2 steam locomotive CT00303 plus QG70 tank car CF00705, L18 grain Hopper CF00608 and C64 open wagon CF00409. All Nib. (4 items)

Bachmann china: steam locomotive CS00203 plus coaches CP00302, CP00303, CP00304 & CP00305. All Nib. (5 items)

Bachmann china: 2-10-2 steam Locomotives CT00302, CT00304 & CT00306. All Nib. (3)

Bachmann china: CS00306 Js Class 2-8-2 steam locomotive (B type) in red and black livery together with open wagons CF00401, 403, 406 & 408. All Nib. (5 items)