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A Ferris Trains boxed O gauge 4-6-0 locomotive & tender loco no. 3607

C1948 Ferris Bros Pty Ltd, Sydney - New South WalesRailways Suburban electric train set of C3469 power coach and T4565 x2 trailer coaches, red livery

Marklin 'Grossbaukasten Wiener Riesenrad' large Modular Ferris wheel no.10821 in original wooden box with instructions (E-M box E-M)

Australian electric train set. ' red Rattler,' by Ferris Brothers. 8 carriages; including Motor, track & transformer.

Australian electric train set. 'Red Rattler,' by Ferris Brothers. 8 carriages including motor, track and transformer

Ferris electric Trains locomotive and tender, black and red livery, gold '3608' to sides of loco, box with original internal packaging and Vibrant lid (VG-E box G)

Ferris O-gauge high side bogie wagon, rough hand painted orange, otherwise condition, good and a Ferris O-gauge high side 4 wheel wagon, hand painted, otherwise condition good.

Ferris O gauge 20v 4-6-0 electric loco and tender black, number 3609, with two red and grey 'T4565' coaches and track (a lot)

A Ferris electric Sydney suburban railcar set three carriages 1950's