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A Hornby Dublo three rail electric goods train set consisting of #69567 0-6-2 BR tank locomotive, four pieces of goods rolling stock & three rail Track, boxed

A Hornby Dublo EDP11 silver King boxed passenger train set consisting of 4-6-2 silver King, two passenger cars & Track

A Hornby Dublo P15 'Flying Scotsman' train set consisting of a 4-6-2 Mallard, two passenger coaches & Track

Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3221 locomotive and tender of a 4-6-0 'Ludlow Castle' no. 5002 in BR green livery, in original striped box with internal packaging (E - M box E)

Eleven Hornby goods rolling Stock (9 Dublo & 2 Hornby 00), six boxed Dublo, including 4305 passenger fruit van(Wr); 4312 Southall goods brake van (Wr); 4676 Esso tank wagon(silver); 4678 shell Lubricating oil tank wagon; 4680 Esso tank wagon (black); 4685

Four Hornby Dublo accessories, including Dinky toys 054 Railway station Personnel(plastic); 5025 Gradient & Mile posts (plastic); 5095 pair of D1 water cranes; and 42381 box of six station Hoardings (diecast) (E-M boxes G-E) (4)

Hornby Dublo 2245 BR 3,300 Hp electric locomotive with twin overhead pantographs blue/white no. E3002 (2 rail), diecast chassis with plastic body complete with maintenance and running instructions and guarantee & tested slips (M box M)

Hornby Dublo electric Trains made and Guaranteed by Meccano Ltd' Showcard 24 x 13 cm (M); twelve assorted 1950s -1960s Hornby Dublo, Triang and Gamages Catalogues, including Gamages 1963 (130 Pages) catalogue; 3 Dublo loco Operating instructions, plus 4 Du

Hornby Dublo 4654 rail Cleaning wagon complete with Instruction sheet and Spare Filter pad, unused. (M box Nm)

Hornby Dublo 4316 SR horse box with horse, green with grey roof & brown horse no. S96412, all doors intact (Nm box E)

Hornby Dublo 4315 BR horse box with horse, maroon with grey roof and Buff coloured horse no. E96435, all doors intact (Nm box E)

Hornby Dublo 3234 Deltic diesel BR 2-tone green electric loco 'St Paddy' no. D9001 with Guarantee (E box G with cellophane on box lid)

Five Packets of Dinky miniature 'Oo' gauge figures Produced to Compliment Hornby Dublo (6 figures in, each box), including three 'Passenger' sets D2; 053 and 1003 plus two 1001 'Station Staff' sets. (E boxes VG) (5)

Six Hornby Dublo Super detail Western Region brown/cream Corridor coaches all with plastic Roofs includes 4050 1st/2nd no. W15870; two 4051 brake/2nd no. W34290; 4060 1st class no. W3085; 4061 2nd class no. W3984 and 4070 Restaurant car no. W1910 (Nm boxes

Eight Hornby Dublo goods rolling Stock, including 4463 Gunpowder van (export issue); 4610 Bogie Bolster wagon; 4615 double Bolster wagon with timber load; 4626 Presflo Bulk cement wagon; 4627 Ici 20-ton Bulk salt wagon; 4649 low-sided wagon with Dinky Dubl

Three Hornby Dublo 2 rail accessories, including 5005 engine Shed; 5020 goods Depot Kit and 5030 Island platform Kit (E-M boxes VG-E) (3)

Three Hornby Dublo Pullman cars includes 4035 1st class 'Car No 79'; 4036 2nd class 'Car No 74'; and 4037 brake/2nd 'Aries' (M boxes VG-E) (3)

Hornby Dublo 2220 4-6-0 BR 'Denbeigh Castle' no. 7032 (2 rail) loco & 6 wheel tender in near mint condition except for minor verdigris on gold Whistles/funnel (E box E)

Three Hornby Dublo 2 rail items, including 2400 Tpo (travelling post office) mail van set complete with Lineside Apparatus & 2 mail bags; 4620 Breakdown crane in matt finish complete with Jacks; and 4318 packing van for Breakdown crane (VG-E boxes VG) (3)

Three Hornby Dublo tinplate Western Region brown/cream coaches includes 32094 D21 BR(Wr) Corridor first/2nd no. W15862; 32095 D21 BR(Wr) Corridor brake/2nd no. W34881 and 4047/D20 (Wr) composite Restaurant car no. W9572 (E boxes VG-E) (3)

Hornby Dublo pre-war D2 LNER '2-Coach Articulated Unit' no. 45401/2, white Roofs Are Crazed (F-G box G)

Six early Hornby Dublo D1 tank wagons includes 32084 Mobil Oil Company Ltd (boxed); 32070 Royal Daylight Paraffin (boxed); Esso Buff tanker; red Vacuum oil Company Ltd; green power petrol; and red Mobil tank wagon (VG-E boxes VG) (6)

Hornby Dublo 3224 2-8-0 BR 8F goods loco & tender (3 rail) black no. 48094 (E box VG)

Hornby Dublo EDL7 0-6-2 tank loco LNER green no. 9596 horseshoe Magnet motor, plain box with inserts Not labelled (E box E)

Seven early Hornby Dublo Di goods rolling Stock, including 32070 Royal Daylight tank wagon; DR379 Ne horse box; 32086 low sided wagon with cable Drums no. M486; 32050 high Capacity wagon no. E163535; 32052 double Bolster wagon no. B920022; 32053 40 ton Bog

Nine Hornby Dublo tinplate coaches, including 32017 D12 Corridor coach BR (Lmr) first/Third no. M4183; 32018 D12 Corridor coach BR(Lmr) brake/2nd no. M26133; three 32097 D20 BR(Lmr) composite Restaurant cars no. W9562 (2 boxed); 32023 D22 BR(Mr) Corridor c

Hornby Dublo D1 Caboose Cpr (Canadian Pacific Railway) black no. 437270 (Nm box E)

Hornby Dublo EDL11 4-6-2 BR Gloss green 'Silver King' #60016 (3 rail) loco & 8 wheel Bogie tender complete with box inserts & cover sheet (E boxes VG)

Hornby Dublo 3218 2-6-4 standard tank loco BR matt black no. 80059 (3R) (E box VG)

Hornby Dublo 32080 D1 'Power Ethyl' tank wagon with green tank, gold power Logo, red Ethyl Logo with white hand Eblem (VG box G)

Eight early Hornby Dublo D1 goods rolling Stock includes SR meat van; Ne fish van; Ne horse box; BR meat van plus four unboxed items, SR goods brake van; Esso Buff tank wagon; Mobil Oil red tank wagon; and power petrol green tank wagon (G-E boxes VG) (8)

Five Hornby Dublo accessories includes D1 Girder bridge(metal Version); D3 Junction Signals (1 home & 1 Distant); D2 pair of double arm Signals; 42381 box of 6 station Hoardings (metal) and Dinky 1001 box of 6 miniature station staff. (VG-E boxes VG-E) (5)

Seven Hornby Dublo early D1 tinplate coaches, including 32012 Ne Corridor Third; 32010 Ne Corridor first/Third; 32011 Ne Corridor brake/Third; 32011 Ne Corridor brake/Third (unboxed); DR363 LMS Corridor D3 brake/Third; 32013 D11 BR Corridor first/Third and

Hornby Dublo 3226 4-6-2 loco and tender 'City of Liverpool' BR maroon no. 46247 (3 rail) (E box VG)

Hornby Dublo EDL7 0-6-2 tank loco LMS black no. 6917 (3 rail) Sans Seriff Lettering (E unboxed)

Hornby Dublo EDL18 2-6-4 standard tank loco BR black no. 80054 (3 rail) complete with packing Keepers and factory Guarantee dated 1957 (M box E)

Hornby Dublo 3224 2-8-0 loco and tender BR 8F goods loco (3 rail) black no 48094 (E box VG)

Three unboxed Hornby Dublo, including Duchess of Montrose loco; Sir Nigel Gresley loco and tender (G-VG) (3)

Hornby Dublo 2 rail 2235 462 SR West country locomotive 'Barnstaple' and tender and leaflet; and Hornby Dublo 2211 16.5MM 'Golden Fleece' loco and tender and guarantee leaflet (VG-E boxes G-VG) (2)

Large collection of Triang, Hornby and Peco rolling stock and accessories, including three power control units; Dublo station and bridges; and others, boxed and unboxed, A/F

Hornby Dublo EDP10 0-6-2 tank passenger train set, including black tank locomotive no. 69567 and two brake coaches in original box with internal packaging intact (VG - E, box F - G)