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Dapol: OO scale collection comprising 4 different steam locomotives; BR Dorchester Castle 900186, Gwr green D022, Sdjr D67 and Gwr 'Pendennis Castle' DD06; together with 39 freight cars. All Nib (43 items)

Eleven Dapol freight models, and one other Bachmann, boxed (12).

Ten Dapol freight models, including one long, boxed (10).

Eleven Dapol models, including ten freight and a locomotive with carriage, boxed (11).

Nine Dapol freight models, including three long, boxed (9).

Eleven various freight models and a carriage, Hornby, Dapol and Tri-ang, seven boxed (11).

Twelve various models, including Dapol and Mainline freight carriages, Hornby locomotive 'Sir Dinadan' S.R. King Arthur Class etc, boxed (12).

Seven various model carriages, five Dapol and two Bachmann, boxed (7).

Ten Mainline freight carriage models, and two Dapol freight models, boxed (12).

Twelve various freight carriage models, including Dapol, Airfix and Bachmann (12).

Twelve various Dapol model freight carriages (12), boxed.

Twelve various freight carriages, including eleven Airfix and one Dapol (12).

Eleven various Dapol and Airfix models, including ten freight carriages and one passenger carriage (11).

Twelve various Dapol freight models, including 'Esso' fuel tanker, boxed (12).

Twelve various Dapol freight models, including L.M.S furniture Removal, boxed (12).

Twelve various Dapol freight carriages, including 'Benzol Tanker', boxed.

Twelve various Dapol freight carriages, including 'F Thorndike', boxed.

Nine Mainline carriages and freight models, and one Dapol train with freight, all boxed (10).

Ten Dapol model freight carriages, including 'Million Iron Works', boxed.

Seventeen various carriage and freight models, Airfix and Dapol (part shown).

Eight various Dapol 'Model Railways' freight carriages (8).

Model Railways: collection with locomotives (62) - 38 boxed including Dapol OO scale Stepney (x2) ; Fleischmann HO 4010, 4016, 4020 and 4064; Hornby OO R154, R297, R761, R2019, R2022, R2190 and R2216; Liliput HOe G.Thommen; Bachmann OO 31-050, 31-051, 31-0