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A Bing early 1900's gauge one clockwork train set, boxed with Victoria locomotive & tender, three pieces of rolling stock, key & Track

Bing gauge 1 tinplate rolling stock wagons, C R (Caledonian Railway) goods wagon, LMS and GN goods wagons, MR coal wagon and Lowko spirit wagon

Two Bassett-Lowke/Bing gauge 1 tinplate Corridor coaches GWR first Class 132 and LNWR first Class 1921

A collection of studio publicity photographs in 4 albums; noted Humphrey Bogart, Joseph Cotton, Bing Crosby, Betty Davis, Henry Fonda, Audrey Hepburn, Bob Hope, Alan Ladd, Carole Lombard, Merle Oberon, Jane Russell, Mickey Rooney, Ann Sheridan, Frank Sinat

Bing tinplate central station. German, green, blue and yellow with removable red and green roof, roof repaired, some rust damage (P) 23 x 35 x 20 cm

Bing 'Mitropa' O gauge 10571 dining car, with interior and hinged roof (G)

Bing O gauge tinplate station. German, two storey, with removable roof 25 x 34.5 x 18.5 cm

A Bing O gauge clockwork train set, including 0-4-0 locomotive 0-35 and tender, 2 x passenger coaches, 1 x wagon and track, in original box with picture label to lid (G box P)

A Bing pre-war O gauge electric train set, comprising of a 4 volt 0-4-0 locomotive and tender, 2 x 1st to 3rd passenger coaches and 10 sections of track, in original maroon box with picture label to lid (VG-E box P)

Clockwork train set with mixed parts, including Bing and Hornby; and Matchbox Models of Yesteryear limited edition framed Leyland Titan (VG-M boxes F-E) (2)

0 Gauge Bing Germany 440 Loco & Tender Liner 504 Electric excellent.

Bing German steam powered 'Road Roller', early 20th century. Height 17.5 cm, length 23 cm. Provenance: Ex bill McKinnon collection, Melbourne.

A group of three inkstones, 19th/20th century, comprising one carved with a fruiting lychee branch, wood box and cover of lychee fruit form; another carved with a dragon among clouds, wood box and cover with mother of pearl inlaid bird and prunus tree; and

Bing (German) 'roplane and Tower, circa 1930s, clockwork silver tinplate Fighter Monoplane with cut out pilot and one folding wing detached, balances on 'Bing' Tower 25 cm high, unboxed (G)

Bing gauge 1 clockwork 2-4-0 locomotive and tender probably for Bassett Lowke, maroon livery, tender numbered '1000'; and three Bing gauge 1 maroon 1st/3rd passenger coaches (5)

Two pre-war Bing O gauge signal boxes tinplate; and pre-war Bing O gauge English station (3)

Bing O gauge LMS guard's van German, double bogie, maroon livery with grey roof; and Bing O gauge 1st/3rd passenger coach, double bogie, maroon LMS livery, grey roof (2)

Three Bing German coaches, two 1st and 3rd Class with one Guards van. Condition good

Bing, American Flyer, 3 coaches and 1 Caboose, silver No. 5 3178 and 3179. Condition good

8 Pieces Bing and Grondahl/Copenhagen Porcelain. Including 6 vases, and 2 pin dishes. Rim faults to 2 vases. Height 14 cm (Average)

A Bing gauge 1 15000 kg double bogie goods wagon 41502, green with dark grey roof

A Bing 0 Gauge train Indicator, black tinplate board with four detachable lettering: Brighton, Southend, Doncaster

An early Bing candle-lit tinplate station, circa late 1920s, green base with cream two-storey building and shed with green roof. Height 22 cm. Width 35 cm. Depth 18.5 cm

A Bing for Basset-Lowke 0 Gauge clockwork 4-4-0 loco and tenderCaledonian Railways black, with a diecast lead fireman

A Bing 0 Gauge clockwork 0-4-0 loco and tender 'Bing Goods Train', LMS maroon with LMS crest to sides, 'No. '513' to tender, circa 1920s

A Bing 0 Gauge candlelit railway station, lithographed double storey brick building with advertisements and central canopy, mounted on green base, circa 1910-1920; and a Bing 0 Gauge single track clockwork engine shed with paper posted affixed to rear wall

Three Bing gauge 1 Pullman coaches, all with opening doors and cut-out windows, including one red 2nd class; one blue 3rd class; and one green baggage van with sliding door, circa 1920s (3)

A collection of Bing tabletop accessories, including a station with no advertisements and two ramps; a loco shed; a signal box; a wayside station; a handpainted tinplate tunnel; a buffer; six signals and telegraph poles, forty pieces of curved and straight

Two Bing gauge 1 coaches, both 'Teak' with grey hinged roofs and impressed 'Bgn Bavaria' makers mark, including one 'Speisewagen'; and one Baggage car, circa 1910 Both 26 cm long

A Bing pre-war signal housecandle lit, with two opening doors, bell, signal gantry and pedestrian crossing gate, mounted on landscaped metal base with 'Gbn Bavaria' maker's mark, circa 1910; and a Bing electric signal box with bell, missing signal gantry,

A Bing 0 Gauge New St station lithographed tinplate two storey building with canopy and advertisements, two ramps and two platform sections (fences missing), circa 1920s Building. Height 19 cm. Width 33 cm. Depth 15 cm