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An unusual triple Bladed Katar, circa 1900, central blade retracts when pressure is released on grip, steel with silver niello decoration, housed in velvet sheath, 40.5 cm long. Provenance: The mark Lissauer collection, Melbourne

Old hand forged Katar, armour piercing tip and double tapering fullers, approx 35 cm overall in length

Old Hand forged Katar, fitted with armour piercing tip, four overlapping fullers, approx 36 cm overall in length

Antique Indian katar, with leather covered scabbard, approx 37 cm long

Choice old North Indian katar with scabbard. 40 cm overall with 21 cm watered steel blade with crisply chiselled deep fullers and armour piercing tip. The hilt decorated overall with gilt koftgari foliate designs and with Indian inscriptions on both faces.

Exceptionally large old Indian katar of good quality. 88.5 cm overall with 42 cm watered steel blade with strong armour piercing tip. Intended to be used as both a stabbing weapon and a parrying aid

Large old Tanjore katar of good quality. 50 cm overall with 35.5 cm blade of very finely multi fullered watered steel with armour piercing tip. Cut and chiselled steel hilt with guard of traditional Tanjore form.

Good early 19th century Indian Katar dagger, approx 43 cm long

Early 'Katar' Hindu punch / arm knife, c.1860, armour piercing point together with original, sheath. length 44 cm

An Indian Katar dagger with gold koftgari floral decoration on bars and arms. Length 43 cm

An Indian khatar late 18th century, in wootz steel with inlaid floral and geometric koftgari decoration and gem set accents to the sides in semi precious stones, the forte with an elephant head to each side, 46 cm long

Enamelled Indian punch dagger (Katar) a/f. Length 38.5 cm, together with a Cloisonne Pill Box