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Indian rapier sword, european blade, province of Malabar coast, wooden handle typical of that province, blade approx 97.5cm, approx 124cm overall

Nice old rapier, double edged blade with short multiple fullers, steel hilt well formed with double shells and finger rings. Wire bound grip, approx 104cm overall

Good old rapier, blade of elliptical section with short fullers engraved 'Jacob Broch ihm Solingen' Steel mounted very finely bound grip. Very wide cross guard, engraved double shells, approx 112cm overall.

A very fine rapier of 'Pappenheimer' type and of early 17th century date, approx 131cm overall with approx 112cm straight blade. Wire bound grip, the steel guard with wide swept quillons, bulbous pommel, side shells, pierced with circles and stars and with

A superb rapier of 'Pappenheimer' type and of early 17th century date. Approx 118cm overall in length with approx 101cm straight blade. Wire bound grip with helically twisted overlay wire, the steel guard with wide swept quillons, bulbous pommel of octagon

Modern rapier, double edged blade, brass mounted wire bound grip, approx 98 cm long

A German rapier sword, c. 1600. By Wolfgang Statler, with original wire bound grip. Length 107 cm

An English 17th century steel rapier, excavated from a Civil War grave near stow-on-the-Wold, Probably from the Stow-on-the-Wold battle of 1646

A cup hilt rapier, 37 1/2 inch fine double edged blade, embossed cup, guard and crossguard, wirebound grip, turks head pommel