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High quality mid 19th century Indian kard with scabbard, originally part of the armoury of Badhanware, approx 38cm overall with approx 25cm blade of the finest watered steel of the Mohammed's ladder pattern. The ricasso and tang with fine gold koftgari flo

Choice old North Indian katar with scabbard. 40 cm overall with 21 cm watered steel blade with crisply chiselled deep fullers and armour piercing tip. The hilt decorated overall with gilt koftgari foliate designs and with Indian inscriptions on both faces.

Old, good quality and most elegant Persian kard with scabbard. 25.5 cm overall with 15 cm single edged blade of watered steel. The ricasso and tang well chiselled with foliate designs. Ivory grip scales. Red cloth covered wooden scabbard

Choice old North Indian kard with scabbard. 32 cm overall with 19 cm single edged watered steel blade with integral bolster. Steel mounted hilt with mother of pearl grip scales. Red cloth covered wooden scabbard with exceptional gilt koftgari steel mounts

Choice North Indian kard with scabbard. 31 cm overall with 19.5 cm single edged watered steel blade inlaid on both faces with gilt koftgari inscriptions in Arabic script. Engraved silver mounted hilt with green jade grip scales. Green leather covered woode

Rare Ottoman Kard dagger, 18th century, Turkey, the cylindrical hilt is constructed from four pieces of dark-brown jade, and pommel in the form of a Crown, decorated with fine inlaid gold - koftgari work. The tapering single-edge blade is made of Damascus