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An Asian silver belt buckle, Thai belt buckle depicting a Buddhist scene, with foliate design. Length 14 cm

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Burmese silver belt buckle, chased in high relief of a pair of bodhisattva, 80g & 10 cm

An old Chinese belt buckle handled hand mirror, the buckle mounted with a mythical lion confronting a dragon's head, the circular mirror with embossed silver plate back decorated with dragon amongst clouds. Length overall 23 cm

A Mongolian style Chinese silver and jade ewer, second half 20th century, the ewer of pear shape with two carved jade medallions with dragon motifs to the body, a jade belt buckle to the handle and a zoomorphic spout, decorated with filigree, applied deco

A Chinese pale-celadon jade 'Dragon' belt buckle, a jadeite archers ring and a jadeite feather tube, buckle: 11.2 cm long, ring: 3.2 cm diameter tube: 6.3 cm long (3). Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Hong Kong during the 1980s

A Chinese bronze belt buckle, Waring States 18.5 cm long. Provenance: NSW Private Collection. Raymond & Victoria Tregaskis, 21 July 1981 Sydney (label and receipt)

Chinese necklace with coral, the pendant crafted from a belt buckle.

Chinese 900 silver belt buckle. Interlocking good fortune cyphers. Height 7 cm

Chinese He Tian white jade belt buckle with carved horse's head

A Chinese belt buckle in oval open wrok figurative form with dragon motif 8 cm

A Chinese jade belt buckle, c.20th century, sculpted with raised mythical dragon motif to the anterior, the rear with raised circular section and rectangular apperture inscribed with gilded mark, mounted on wooden stand with mark to base. Provenance: from

A Chinese jade hook belt buckle, 19th century or earlier, sculpted in classic narrow form with raised circular section to rear, below a cicada at rest tapering to a mythical beast at apex. Provenance: from an Australian collection 16 cm long

A Chinese carved ivory belt buckle and an associated decorating piece, Qing dynasty, each carved with similar design of a dragon in high relief pursuing a flaming jewel amongst clouds, the buckle sliding into two pieces each with a square loop to the back,

A Chinese dragon-form white jade belt buckle, Qing Dynasty, circa 19th century. The stone of pale greenish-grey colour. 8 cm x 5 cm and 7.5 cm x 5 cm

An antique Chinese jadeite belt buckle, the vibrant green flecked top with carved and pierced bat, leaf and a sacred symbol design above the narrow open section with slots to each border, mildly curved, two disc form button type fittings to the base, cloud

A Chinese export silver belt buckle part, late 19th/early 20th century, apparently with only chopmarks, one half only, the plain shaped centre within a relief border of writhing dragons and flowering foliage. Height 5.5 cm. Width 6 cm. Weight 39gr

A Chinese export silver belt buckle marked only with a Chinese character, late 19th/early 20th century, in two parts, each a serpentine rectangular plaque, hooking together, each with a central field with Chinese characters surrounded by a border decorated

Two russet jade animal carvings, comprising a pendant carved as a tiger seated on its rear legs, and a belt buckle in the shape of a basset dog (partially altered jade), the first. Height 3 cm. Provenance: from the Leo Walker Tattersfield collection of Chi

A pale celadon jade dragon-head belt buckle, fitted as paper cut, together two similar jade belt buckles of celadon and grey colour. The first, length 8.5 cm (jade only). Provenance: From the Leo Walker Tattersfield Collection of Chinese Jades

A Chinese white jade two-piece belt buckle, 18th/19th centuryfinely carved in high relief with sinuous chi-lins, the male hook carved with typical dragon's head, 8 cm long

A celadon jade belt buckle, Qing dynasty, 19th century

A white jade dragon form belt buckle, Ming Dynasty, early 17th century 4.5 x 10 cm

Pale greenish white nephrite jade, two section belt buckle, 2.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 4.5 cm, 18/19th century Qinq Dynasty, with a dragon head forming the hook and a deeply undercut 'Chilong' surrounded by branches of 'Lingzhi' fungus which is repeated on the opp

A large white jade dragon-form belt buckle and clasp Qing Dynasty. 10.5 x 4.5 cm

A large green jade belt buckle and clasp probably late Qing Dynasty. 7.5 cm