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Chinese carved boxwood figure of Li Tieguai, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, the Daoist immortal with black glass inlaid eyes, leaning on his gnarled crutch, with a large lotus leaf strapped to his back, on free form root stand (A/F), height 50 cm. Provenance:

Large antique 19th century Chinese sectional carved immortal figure, root & boxwood, approx 65 cm high

An unsual boxwood rhinoceros form cup, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), 5.8 cm high, 14.5 cm wide. Provenance: R.&V. Tregaskis

A Chinese boxwood figure of a Guanyin, people's Republic era, mid to later 20th century, the traditionally attired serene figure of the Guanyin seated upon a lotus leaf and bud with other naturalistic organic forms, the right hand raised and the left c

A Japanese boxwood carving of two monks with a spider on a scroll, 19th century, 5 cm high

A Chinese carved boxwood ruyi scepter, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, 34 cm long

Chinese carved boxwood figure table lamp. Electrified. Height 40 cm (total figure)

Carved boxwood ruyi sceptre, finely carved with entwined lingzhi mushrooms. Height 32 cm

A well-carved Japanese boxwood figure, Meiji Period, 1868-1912 depicting Oni carrying a large bell on a 'rockwork' base. 50 cm high

Chinese carved boxwood ruyi sceptre in the form of a Lingzhi fungus, measures 35.5 cm

A Chinese carved boxwood figure of Hotei surrounded by children on a separate carved stand. Height 18.5 cm.

A Chinese boxwood ruyi sceptre, Qing dynasty, 18th/19th century, intricately and naturalistically carved, 30 cm long

A Chinese carved boxwood Yaksa, yecha, the semi-god poised for combat, holding a trident in his hands, riding waves, 38 cm high

A carved boxwood figure of Zhao Yun, depicting the general suited in his amour, holding a infant in his right hand, holding a spear in his left - a famous anecdote in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms where Zhao Yun saved Liu Bei's newborn during the battl

A Chinese carved boxwood lingzhi fungus, the branch issuing two small and a large fungus, 38.5 cm long

Chinese carved boxwood Guan Yin figure. On square plinth. Height 20 cm (total)

Two Chinese wood carved ruyi sceptres, one of boxwood and the other of zitan, both realistically carved with a slender branch issuing ruyi heads, 32 cm long (boxwood), 37.8 cm long (zitan) (2).

A Chinese carved boxwood iron-crutch Li, wearing robes that barely cover his body, supported on his crutch under his right arm, and holding a spider in his right hand, his gourd suspended from his shoulder, stand 23.8 cm high (without stand)

A Chinese carved boxwood Dharuma, standing with solemn expression, holding a pebble in his one hand, the flowing robe open at the chest, 19.5 cm high

A Chinese boxwood tug-o-war figural group carving, with name and date Hou zhi Fei 1963 depicting a child's tug-o-war figure group with two dogs, one dog pulling rope at one end. The carving is very fine quality and of exceptional craftsmanship, with intric

Chinese boxwood brush washer. Shaped as Buddha's hand citron. Length 21 cm height 8 cm

Boxed set of 18 Chinese finely carved boxwood Lohan heads with titled bars

A Chinese carved box wood figure of Guanyin, modelled standing in her robes and holding lotus, accompanied by a young child. Height 34 cm

A large carved boxwood (huangyang) Guanyin, 20th century, of a light brown tone, the goddess standing in a upright post on a base, dressed in a decorated long flowing robe, her face with a serene expression, her left hand holding a string of prayer beads a

A carved boxwood (huangyang) figure group of a fisherman and a child, 20th century, the old fisherman, bare footed and dressed in a long flowing robe revealing his chest, carrying a clutch of fish and a large hat strapped to a bamboo stick on his shoulder,

A boxwood figure of Guanyin, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, standing on a lotus base above crested waves, wearing a long wide-sleeved robe swept back in billowing folds, her head with well defined features, her high chignon held by a Crown centred with a figu

Fine old Chinese carved boxwood sleeping figure on a carved wood stand, 23 cm high

A fine Chinese boxwood carving of Liu Hai, 18th century, 9 cm diameter, 8 cm high. Seated in a long flowing robe, holding a coin, a toad on his right leg. Provenance: from an important Sydney collection

A Chinese boxwood carving of Shu Lao, 17/18th century, 11 cm high. Seated on a mat, holding a sceptre, good patina. Provenance: from an important Sydney collection.

A pair of boxwood Foo dogs, with both male and female resting on a ball. Height 5 cm. Width 6 cm

18th/19th century Boxwood Carving of Elders in Fantastic Landscape on Zitan Stand

Chinese carved boxwood statue of Guanyin in seated pose with one leg crossed. 19th century, signed and with remains of paper label. 15 cm