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Pair early 19th century Staffordshire figure groups standing sheep with lambs painted with initials HB & MN

A Victorian Staffordshire figure group of a Scottish woman with a sheep, painted highlights. Height 19 cm

Three early Staffordshire figures, comprising two cupids and a sheep. All with gold anchor mark. 8 x 8 cm each

Staffordshire figure of a sheep, 19th century. Ex. Antique Porcelain Gallery, Sydney

Antique Staffordshire figures of a poodle and a sheep, approx 7 cm high and shorter (2)

A pair of poodles, a sheep slip vase in the Staffordshire manner, and German miniatures, 19th to 20th century, the seated poodles with applied grit like fur and marked 'Staffordshire Ware England', a circa1900 mark; a slip vase with recumbent sheep with a

Three 19th century English Staffordshire recumbent sheep. Length of each approx. 9 cm

A Chelsea-style hard paste model of a goat; along with five other models of animals including a Staffordshire Sheep spill vase; and an early 19th century china model of Judas Iscariot, some faults

A pair of early 19th century Staffordshire sheep, they stand in front of a flowering tree on a grassy base, repairs to both trees. Height 13 cm. Width 10.5 cm

Pair of Staffordshire figures with sheep and goats (restoration)

Three Staffordshire figures of sheep with icicles, each on oval base together a similar spaniel with icicles, circa 1850

A Staffordshire figure model of a girl flanked by two sheep. Height 21 cm

A 19th century Staffordshire Pottery group figure of 3 sheep in a field beneath a flowering tree. Height 13 cm

A Staffordshire Recumbent sheep figure white with painted facial features and supported on a shaped base with a gilt border. Note; faults including loss to back leg, base rim chips. Height 6.5 cm

19th century Staffordshire figurine of a recumbent sheep

An early 19th century Staffordshire sheep on a stool 2 3/4 inches across

An early 19th century Staffordshire sheep in a bocage-gilded decoration A/F 2.5 inches across

Three Staffordshire sheep figures 11.5 cm high, 12 cm and 11.5 cm high and a Staffordshire group of a dove with eggs in a nest 9 cm high, all 19th century

A Staffordshire double dog figure. Height 13.5 cm a sheep with tree figure. Height 13.5 cm and two single recumbent sheep 6.3 cm and 6 cm high, all 19th century