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A snuff bottle of a flattened ovoid shape, the carved coral red stone, Qing Dynasty, the shadow carving of a carp swimming against the tide & leaping over the dragon gate, height 5.2 cm

Two Chinese carved coral snuff bottles, 7 cm high, 6 cm high (2)

Good Chinese moss agate snuff bottle 8.8 cm high with coral and gilt metal stopper

Fine Chinese carved agate snuff bottle carved with scholar and geese under tree with incised red seal and gold seal coral gilt metal stopper 8.3 cm high

Rare Chinese agate snuff bottle Qing carved with scholar and two rams in rocky landscape coral gilt metal stopper, measures 8.4 cm high

Two snuff bottles deeply carved agates, coral & cornelian covers

A Tibetan snuff bottle, with turquoise and coral inlay, 12.5 cm

Three various antique Tibetan silver metal snuff bottles each with coral and turquoise measure 8 cm high tallest one with double varja mark to base

A Chinese red coral snuff bottle, late Qing Dynasty, late 19th century/early 20th century, Utilising the natural form of the coral and carved with a haloed deity holding a ruyi and with an orange agate and brass stopper. Height 8.5 cm.

A group of five Chinese snuff bottles, Early to mid-20th century, of various materials including agate, nephrite, and rock crystal, some carved, some inside-painted, each fitted with a stopper of hard stone, coral, or jadeite, box, varying from 6.7 cm to 8

A carved ivory and coral finial snuff bottle carved as a double gourd with basket weave pattern, overlaid with bats 7 cm high

An opal carved snuff bottle and a carved coral branch snuff bottle, the opal carved with chilong motif, crazing to opal the coral styled as a bird the coral 9 cm length (2)

A carved ivory and coral finial snuff bottle, carved as a double gourd with basket weave pattern overlaid with bats 7 cm high

A Chinese brown agate snuff bottle, with high relief ochre sage with bat and pine tree. Coral and brass stopper. Height 6.5 cm

An agate snuff bottle, the ovoid body with wave-like brown inclusions raised on a oval slightly protruding foot and fitted with a domed coral surmounted stopper. Provenance: Private Collection Shanghai 1950s thence by descent

A group of five hardstone snuff bottles, 19th/20th century, comprising one of malachite carved in low relief with archaistic dragons; one of turquoise matrix; one of rose quartz; another of lapis-lazuli, stoppers en suite; and a coral snuff bottle carved w

A Chinese blue and white snuff bottle, circa 1850 (Hsien Feng), decorated in underglaze blue and iron red with images of figures camping below a cypress tree and a figure on horse back and fitted with newer coral topped stopper. Bearing fungus mark to the

An amber coloured crystal snuff bottle carved with Qilongs and bats with coral and brass stopper

An unusual old Chinese oxide stained snuff bottle. Coral branch or similar, the sides with fish and bat carvings and the natural blemishes incorporated into the design. Copper spoon. Height 8.2 cm

An ivory turquoise and coral snuff bottle. Meiji period 1868-1911

Chinese coral snuff bottle. Monkey decoration. Height 7.5 cm