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A pair of celadon jade snuff bottles, the heavy pair of baluster form with fluted friezes to the collar, russet agate stoppers and raised on footed bases, with stands, height 6.5 cm

A Chinese carved jade snuff bottle, the circular cushion profile snuff bottle carved with flowers, buds and a bird, in modulating hues of celadon to bright emerald green with tan inclusions, with a pale jade stopper and spoon, height 5.5 cm

Two jade snuff bottles, white & celadon in tone, each carved with Auspicious Symbols, 19th/20th century, compressed spherical form & chamfered on shoulders [2], height 6 cm, height 6.3 cm. Provenance: private South African collection

A Chinese russet and celadon jade snuff bottle, carved with a qilin and a bat, height 7 cm

A large signed Chinese glass snuff bottle, probably people's Republic of China era, second half 20th century, the rectangular bottle with canted edges hand painted to the interior in muted colours with scenes of maidens amidst swirling clouds and a roc

Good Chinese celadon jade snuff bottle with russet inclusions gilt metal coral stopper 8.8 cm high, 6.2 cm wide

A Chinese carved celadon jade snuff bottle, 19th century. 7 cm high

A Chinese celadon eggplant shaped jade snuff bottle. 20th century. 8 cm long, 3 cm diameter

A jade snuff bottle celadon jade, square tower form with circular neck and stopper, decorated with ink painting of goldfish and poem, 8 cm high

A celadon jade snuff bottle of flattened rounded form, one side carved in relief with a crane beside arching bamboo, the reverse with an inscription and two seals, the stone of pale even tone, stopper 5.2 cm high

A Chinese celadon-jade snuff bottle, 20th century 6.5 cm. Provenance: Purchased in the late 1980s and early 1990s

A celadon jade snuff bottle, 19th/20th century of irregular pebble form, the stone of even pale green tone, stopper, fitted box 6.5 cm high. Provenance: Sotheby's, New York, 17 January 1984, lot 408(b) Property from the Zeiser Collection, sold Leslie Hindm

A celadon jade snuff bottle, 19th/20th century of upright rectangular form carved in relief with a cat and birds beneath flowering prunus boughs extending from a tree in pierced relief to one side, stopper ensuite 7 cm high overall

A white jade snuff bottle, Qing Dynasty, 18-19th century, a natural pebble carved with a pair of chilong dragons in low relief, the reverse exhibiting a pale celadon-russet skin, coral and silver stopper, 10 cm high

Three porcelain snuff bottles of varying shapes, each glazed or hand painted with Imagery including celadon, the Tallest 9 cm high

Chinese green celadon jade snuff bottle, carved with a frog on a lotus leaf, ivory stopper. Provenance: from a private collection. Height 5.3 cm

A pale celadon jade handled vase and cover, carved with ruyi-head design, together with a white jade snuff bottle, a larger grey jade snuff bottle, and a grey jade miniature hu vase with wood stand. The first. Height 10.5 cm. Provenance: From the Leo Walke

A celadon jade snuff bottle Qing dynasty, 19th century. Height 6 cm, carved with chilong, malachite stopper

Celadon jade snuff bottle. Circular form with boy carved to front and characters to back, coral stopper. Height 6 cm

Celadon jade snuff bottle. Fisherman decoration to front, characters verso. Coral stopper. Height 6 cm

Four various snuff bottles including a celadon jade bottle, a rectangular bottle, a pudding stone bottle and another agate bottle. Various sizes.