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A Chinese blue and white snuff bottle Guang Xu mark, well painted with continuous scene of figures in a woodland landscape. Malachite stopper. Height 7 cm.

A Chinese soft-paste crackle-glaze blue-and-white snuff bottle, Yongzheng six-character mark, 7.3 cm high. Provenance: Victoria private collection

Two Chinese porcelain snuff bottles, a compressed high shouldered shaped blue and white bottle with underglaze figural scenes of scholars, with four character marks underside; and a cylindrical bottle with a blue and maroon scene of writhing dragons chasin

Canton enamel snuff bottle, Republic period, alternating panels with dogs and blue and white landscapes, surrounded by scrolling lotus vines on a turquoise ground, Qianlong mark to base, height 7 cm

Five antique Chinese blue & white oriental snuff bottles

A Chinese porcelain snuff bottle. The reticulated cylindrical bottle with an internal blue and white vial, with two signed reserves painted with an elderly fisherman and a small boy in a landscape, the other with script; with bat motifs to the collar and a

A Chinese blue and white porcelain snuff bottle, painted with a scrolling dragon. Height 6.5 cm

Two Chinese blue and white snuff bottles, 19th century 7 cm, 9 cm (2). Provenance: One purchased in Lawson's Auction in Australia, and the other at Yue Hwa in Hong Kong in the late 1980s and early 1990s Lawson's; Yue Hwa

Early Chinese blue & white porcelain snuff bottle. Figures on bridge decoration. Coral stopper. Small imperfection to base. Height 8 cm

Three various Chinese blue and white ceramic snuff bottles, with jade stoppers, all signed. (3)

A Chinese blue and white and unglazed snuff bottle decorated with animal, 11.7 cm high and four other Chinese porcelain snuff bottles 7.5 to 8.25 cm high

Chinese blue and white snuff bottle, with children figure pattern and Yongzheng mark to base. No lid. Height 7 cm

A carved amber and ivory snuff bottle carved with a seated sage, 7 cm high, together with a blue and white porcelain snuff bottle, 7 cm high

Two Chinese blue & white snuff bottles, along with a carved hardstone piece (3)

Chinese blue and white dragon decorated snuff bottle with four character mark to base

Three blue and white porcelain snuff bottles of Varying Shapes and Imagery, the Tallest 11 cm high

Three porcelain snuff bottles, 19th/20th century, one of cylindrical form decorated in underglaze-blue and copper red with figures; another with a figure on horseback, apocryphal Yongzheng mark; a blue and white hexagonal bottle; together with a malachite

Chinese blue and white porcelain snuff bottle decorated with dragon motif. Height 7.5 cm

A Chinese blue and white snuff bottle, circa 1850 (Hsien Feng), decorated in underglaze blue and iron red with images of figures camping below a cypress tree and a figure on horse back and fitted with newer coral topped stopper. Bearing fungus mark to the

A 19th century Chinese blue and white silver mounted snuff bottle tea bowl and saucer

A blue and white porcelain snuff bottle (rose quartz stopper)

Seven porcelain snuff bottles 19th century and later, including two blue and white, three copper-red, two others

A large blue and white ovoid snuff bottle 19th century, with landscape design

A small blue and white snuff bottle 19th century. Chenghua mark, nicely painted

A Chinese porcelain snuff bottle, crackle glaze with blue and white warrior decoration

Oriental blue and white ceramic snuff bottle depicting Xia Gin and Xiang Ma

Two porcelain snuff bottles, late Qing Dynasty, 19th century. One decorated in copper red; the second, a blue and white soft paste bottle. Largest 9 cm high