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Two Chinese carved amber snuff bottles, 5.5 cm high (2). Provenance: Singapore private collection

Two Chinese snuff bottles, one amber and overlaid with hard stone decoration

A Chinese carved amber 'monkey' snuff bottle, Late Qing dynasty, 6.30 cm high. Provenance: Ex Paul Braga collection. NSW private collection

An eggplant shaped snuff bottle, well-hollowed with a spinach green jade Calyx, 19th century, the body carved from a stone of even tone with a blush of amber near the base of the vegetable, a fine smooth shape with a realistically carved stopper & sepa

Chinese amber colour snuff bottle, carved stopper, approx 7.5 cm high

Three carved Chinese amber and root amber snuff bottles, 6 cm, 6.1 cm, and 7 cm high (3)

A Chinese inside-painted amber snuff bottle, signed by Ye Xiaosan(1750-1860). With flat lip and recessed flat foot surrounded by a foot rim, painted on one main side with a river landscape with a pavilion by a riverbank, inscribed above 'Executed by Ye

Chinese amber colour snuff bottle goldfish 6.8 cm high

A Tibetan silver snuff bottle, a large central amber cabochon both sides, inlay with red corals and turquoises, domed lid with spoon

Two amber snuff bottles comprising one of upright form carved with chilong ; the other of ovoid form decorated with sampans on a lake and mask and ring handles, stoppers (2) 5.3 cm; 5.7cm high

A Chinese inside painted 'playing children' amber snuff bottles, Attributed to Ye Zhongsan, Ye family, early 20th century 8 cm. Provenance: Purchased at. Y.F. Yang & Company in the late 1980s and early 1990s in Hong Kong. Y.F. Yang & Company

A Mughal style possibly amber snuff bottle with hardstone inlays, Late 19th century 7.8 cm. Provenance: Purchased at Penang in the late 1980s and early 1990s

A Chinese carved amber snuff bottle, Late Qing or Republic period, both sides carved with figures within garden landscape, 10 cm wide, 135g. Provenance: Private collection NSW, Purchased in 1969 in England, 1969

A natural amber snuff bottle together with a nut snuff bottle the natural amber with missing stopper, 5.5 cm length (2)

A carved amber and ivory snuff bottle carved with a seated sage, 7 cm high, together with a blue and white porcelain snuff bottle, 7 cm high

An agate snuff bottle with carnelian stopper and emerald finial low relief carving to front depicting mythical beasts verso calligraphy incised and rubbed with gold Qianlong seal incised and rubbed with gold to base together with a carved amber snuff bottl

An ovoid amber snuff bottle with green jade stopper, late Qing Dynasty, 7.2 cm high

two embellished snuff bottles, Qing Dynasty, comprising one of amber, the sides applied in different coloured hardstones with precious objects placed around the sides; the other of agate similarly applied in hardstones, gilt and silver, with a vase of peon

A Chinese amber snuff bottle, 18th century, the rich brown translucent ovoid bottle carved with mock mask handles to the rounded shoulders and fitted with a pink quartz-topped stopper, 4.5 cm high

Antique Chinese snuff bottle. Carved amber in the form of a wind swept blossom landscape.

Amber coloured inside painted snuff bottle & another agate snuff bottle

An ovoid amber snuff bottle, late Qing Dynasty. Carved with animal masks, jade and tortoiseshell stopper

A large mother of pearl and amber snuff bottle, early 20th century. inset with two stone plaques well carved with dragons and bats, stopper, ensuite. Height 9.3 cm .