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Two Chinese porcelain blue & white lamp bases, one with double ring mark, possibly Qing, one painted with mountainous landscape, the other with crane and deer, 46 cm high

A Chinese blue and white brush pot, Kangxi period (1662-1722), Very well painted within two shaped panels, one with a mountains landscape, and the opposing panel with deer and crane, beside a gnarled pine, all in vibrant cobalt blue, 16 cm high, 18.5 cm di

Sino-Arab export ware blue & white oil jar each side with Arabic text, flowers & banana leaves, height 45.8 cm

Pair large 19th century Chinese Gu form blue & white vases the top, middle and bottom sections all decorated with figures in a landscape, 48 cm height

19th century Cantonese famille rose export ware bowl traditional design with panels of figures, insects, birds and blossom

A Longquan celadon dish with twin fish dish, song Dynasty style, the dish potted with deep rounded sides rising to a flat everted rim, the interior is decorated with a pair of moulded fish, covered overall with an even glaze of blue-green tone the foot rin

Pair of Chinese blue and white porcelain garden seats, of hexagonal shape, painted in underglaze blue with blossoming branches and butterflies (2), height 52 cm. Provenance: Martyn Cook Antiques, Sydney. Collection of George and Adisa Pompei, Sydney

A Chinese 'unfinished' blue-and-white bowl intended for a wucai 'dragon' bowl, Guangxu six-character mark and of the period, 14.8 cm diameter x 6.7 cm high. Provenance: Private collection, Sydney. Note: The intended wucai bowl belongs to a

Three Bleu de Hue 'dragon' and 'phoenix' bowls, Neifu mark, 19th Century, Jingdezhen export-ware, each fitted with silver rim, diameter 10.7 cm, 10.3 cm, 11.1 cm (3). Provenance: Private collection, Sydney. Note: From the 1700s onwards, kin

A 'clair-de-lune' glazed vase, Fanghu, 20th century, the baluster body rising to the neck flanked by a pair of rectangular lug handles, moulded to the front and back with a raised peach-form panel, covered overall with a pale blue glaze, the base i

A flambe vase, 19th/20th century, the ovoid body with a double raised band around the shoulders below the tall waisted neck, covered with a rich crimson glaze faintly suffused with lavender blue around the neck, the base incised with an apocryphal four cha

A red-glazed vase, 19th/20th century, of domed form tapering to the narrow waisted neck, the rich copper-red glaze pooling to a darker tone above the foot, the rim, interior and base left white, the base inscribed in underglaze blue with an apocryphal six-

A coral-glazed bowl mark of Yongzheng, with slightly everted sides and lightly lipped rim rising from a straight foot, the exterior covered with a rich coral glaze, the interior and base left white, the base inscribed in underglaze blue with a six-characte

A wucai saucer dish mark of Wanli, painted with a central figure scene within a continuous floral meander, the base inscribed in underglaze blue with a six-character mark, 27.8 cm diameter

A yellow-glazed beaker mark of Jiajing, with steeply rounded sides rising from a high straight foot to the flared rim, covered inside and out with an egg-yolk yellow glaze, the white base inscribed with an underglaze blue six-character reign mark, 11.5 cm

A yellow-ground blue and white 'gardenia' dish, painted on the yellow ground, with a central medallion enclosing a flowering gardenia branch encircled with fruiting branches of pomegranate, crab apple, grape and lotus, the underside with a continuo

A 'Longquan' celadon meiping Ming dynasty, of stoutly potted baluster form, the exterior carved with a broad continuous peony scroll between foliate scrolls around the shoulders and waisted base, covered overall with a greyish green glaze apart fro

A pair of 'famille-rose' wine cups seal marks of Daoguang, (2), each painted on the exterior with a sage accompanied by his crane, conversing with an old man carrying a basket of flowers, the reverse with two iron-red bats in flight, the base inscr

A 'famille-rose' 'three friends' saucer dish, 19th/20th century, painted in grisaille and enamels with pine, prunus and bamboo extending around the sides and onto the interior, the base inscribed in iron-red with a six-character mark readin

A gilt-decorated coral-ground 'famille-rose' vase mark and period of Hongxian, both sides painted with a panel of birds and flowering plants, one of birds beside peony and bamoo, the other of a bird perched over a lotus pond, all reserved on the br

A gilt-decorated blue-ground vase and cover Qing dynasty, 19th century, (2), the sides gilt on a dark blue ground with lotus scrolls interspersed with bats holding tasselled pendants, between lappet and ruyi -head borders, the base inscribed in iron-red wi

Two yixing teapots and covers, 20th century, (4), comprising one incised with a long inscription and with fish among lotus plants, the base and cover with impressed seal marks, the other simulating roughened bark on the exterior, the cover with knop in the

Two yixing stoneware teapots and covers, (4), comprising one of globular form, the neck with galleried 'monk's cap' rim above a key-fret band, the base with impressed marks, the other with simulated bamboo spout and handle, the sides slip-decor

A set of four 'famille-verte' porcelain plaques, 19th/20th century, (4), each formed of two rectangular panels depicting a different scene of figures in pavilion gardens and in a landscape setting, wood frames, (4), each panel 26 x 10 cm, 36 x 31 c

A pair of doucai saucer dishes marks of Guangxu, (2), each painted on the interior with a multi-bloomed floral scroll in a central medallion within double underglaze blue line borders, the underside with detached sprays, the base inscribed in underglaze bl

A doucai 'anbaxian' ogee bowl mark of Xianfeng, the interior painted with a central flowerhead within a peach and stylised flower scroll medallion encircled with a frieze of ribboned anbaxian emblems, the underside with a frieze of stylised flower

A blue and white 'floral spray' bowl mark and period of Yongzheng, with flared sides and broad everted rim supported on a splayed foot, painted in tones of cobalt blue stippled with simulated 'heaping and piling', the interior with a centra

A pair of Chinese blue and white porcelain panels, early 20th century, an opposite pair of panels with long tailed birds perched in a branch of pomegranate in a rockwork and peony garden, with script and housed in traditional timber frames, length 62 cm, w

A Chinese famille rose porcelain vase large size four sided shape with mask handles decorated with figures and landscape scenes height 43 cm

A Chinese blue and white lotus porcelain bowl with blue six character mark to base height 8.2 cm, diameter 17.5 cm

An antique Chinese blue and white porcelain vase AF - rim reduced height 34.8 cm

A Chinese porcelain double gourd vase in the manner of the Ming period, decorated in an underglaze blue with qilin and tigers in a landscape. Height 42 cm

An old Chinese large iridescent green glazed vase, elegant ovoid body with flared rim cylindrical neck, unmarked. Height 43 cm, raised on an old carved hardwood stand. Provenance: Purchased by Mrs A.R. Seccombe in August 1927 as part of the house and conte

A large and impressive early 19th century Chinese famille rose lidded jar, baluster form, traditional panelled decoration including multiple figures within interior and walled garden settings, the elaborate framing of florals, butterflies and exotic birds,

A 19th century Chinese famille rose lidded chamber pot, all-over traditional panelled decoration of figures, florals and exotic birds, elaborate gilt enrichments, minor flake chips. Diameter 24 cm

A pair of famille rose floor vases, the panels to each side decorated with ladies in a garden playing board games, floral decoration, gilded shoulder animal handles and embellishment to the shoulders. Height 158 cm. Provenance: Gifted to our vendor while i

A large Chinese Wucai-enamelled baluster jar, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Jiajing mark and of the period (1522-1566), the body boldly decorated in separated sections, with a floriate border to the neck, followed by a band of lattice work with floral cartouch

A Chinese Wucai bowl Yongzheng mark, Qing Dynasty, boldly decorated to interior and exterior with wucai glazed floral motifs, bearing a sticker for London and provincial antique dealers, 14 cm diameter

A pair of important blue and white lotus bowls Daoguang mark and period, each painted to the exterior with six lotus blossoms borne on undulating floriate scrolls, the interior centered with a lotus medallion, the base with a six character seal mark, appro

A Chinese blue and white bowl Qing Dynasty, of typical form with a fluted rim, the interior decorated with two children, six character Kangxi mark to base, 7.5 cm high, 16 cm diameter, Provenance: Poly auctions, Hong Kong, 28th April 2013