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Curtis Jere (American), wall sculpture, 'Raindrops', c. 1970, circular brass discs mounted on brass frame, height 90 cm, width 73 cm, depth 16 cm

Curtis Jere for artisan house, birds on a wire, depicting numerous stylised birds nesting on telegraph wires, signed and dated 1981. Length 115 cm

Curtis Jere 'Black Birds'. Wall hanging for Artisan House. Matt black painted steel, USA. c. 1960. Length 135 cm

Curtis Jere for artisan house, flying birds brass wall sculpture, signed. Length 125 cm

A Curtis Jere sculpture on quartz base 'Flying birds', circa 1981

A Curtis Jere wall sculpture 'Raindrops', circa 1997 70 cm high, 173 cm wide, 15 cm deep

A Curtis Jere 'Birds' wall sculpture. C. 1968 America. Manufactured by artisan house. Brass. 57 cm high, 148 cm wide, 13 cm deep

A Curtis Jere Pop Art copper cheese grater signed and dated, 1979. Length 100 cm

A Curtis Jere Pop Art wall mounted can opener signed and dated, 1979. Some surface rust. Length 132 cm

A Curtis Jere flying birds wall sculpture signed C. Jere. Height 60 cm. Length 140 cm

A Curtis Jere Willow branches wall sculpture signed. Height 56 cm. Width 116 cm

Curtis Jere for artisan house, birds metal wall sculpture, signed and dated 1982

Curtis Jere for artisan house, 'Over the Sun', metal wall sculpture

Curtis Jere for Artisan House, brass metal sculpture of birds in flight, signed. Curtis Jere is a compound nom-de-plume of two mid-century American designers. The C Jere line was sold by the company Artisan house. They specialised in creative, dramatic and

A C. Jere brass birds in flight wall sculpture. Height 57 cm. Width 120 cm

Curtis Jere, birds in flight, brass sculpture, wall mounted, signed and dated 1981. Length 114 cm height 41 cm diameter 25 cm

A Curtis Jere wall mounted brass birds in flight sculpture. Height 184.5 cm

Curtis Jere (Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler) (American, 20th century) wave sculpture 1985, brass and chrome signed and dated 'C. Jere 1985' upper right 116 x 47.5 cm (irregular)