Learn about Prayer Chair or Prie-Dieu

A low chair with a low upholstered seat and very tall back, usually padded at the top for kneeling to pray. The chairs date from Victorian times, though they generally have a vaguely Jacobean appearance, with barley-sugar twists and the back is either caned or covered in tapestry. The form derives from an earlier piece of ecclesiastical furniture.

Learn about Pub Chair

In the English form, it was a Windsor chair, not unlike a captain's or bow back chair, and sometimes known as a smoker's bow. The Australian pub chair has a decorative cast iron frame and wooden seat, with the weight of the cast iron presumably to deter patrons from using it as a missile or weapon.

Learn about Tub Chair

A low easy chair, usually with a rounded back, padded on top and supported by spindles, which forms the arm rest. The term is also applied to many small comfortable upholstered lounge chairs.
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An 1880s Australian blackwood prayer chair, 95 cm high. 54 cm wide, 50 cm deep