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An Indian miniature depicting an erotic scene, 19th century, depicting a male and female lover recumbent on a carpet in mountain foothills, their saddled horses tied to the tree at a nearby river, 27.5 x 21 cm

Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese, 1753-1806), three Shunga erotic prints, woodblock on hand coloured paper (3), 24 x 35 cm. Provenance: The Estate of George Freedman, Sydney

A set of seven Japanese erotic woodblock prints, 19th century, ink on paper, each one with inscriptions, 35 x 33 cm

Japanese school (3) erotic scenes, ink, gouache & gold Flecks (3) 28 x 43 cm (average)

Japanese school, erotic scene, ink, gouache & gilt, 24 x 28 cm

An antique Chinese ivory female figurine, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, an erotic reclining figure, with coiffed hair adorned with a flower, posing with one arm behind her head, her left hand poised against her chin, in a fitted timber stand. Height 5 cm. Le

An Indian erotic painting, Mughal and Consort in a garden setting, 19th century, pigments on paper, framed, 27 x 19.5 cm

An interesting pair of 19th century Indian erotic miniatures, depicting camel figures composed of human figures, flanked by columns of inscriptions, gouache on paper, 17 cm x 10.5.. Provence: for similar example see the Wellcome library collection London.

A hand-painted Indian miniature, late 18th century, depicting an erotic scene of Mughal with consort, natural pigments on paper, unframed, 26x 19 cm. Provenance: Private Collection Hong Kong, purchased in London

Erotic Indian painting on ivory circa 1920s 8 cm x 11 cm in carved timber frame 22 cm x 26 cm

A full deck of Indian erotic Kama Sutra painted ivory playing cards, early 20th century fifty four cards, each hand painted with erotic depictions and suits with repeated pattern verso, each card 9 cm x 5.5 cm.

Chinese bone snuff bottle. Erotic scene decoration. Height 7 cm

A notorious piece of Japanese ivory erotica, naturalistically carved and depicting a man and woman in an erotic pose; this piece was featured in an article (The Age, 14th June 1989) when confiscated with others on the grounds of indecency during a police r

A signed Japanese carved ivory erotica piece, probably Showa period, mid 20th century, carved and inked, and depicting a Japanese man lying on a woven basket opening to reveal a nude lady in relief, the man's face appearing under the lid; signed to the kne

A Chinese painted-enamel 'erotic' snuff bottle, 20th century Qianlong four-character iron-red seal mark to the base 6.3 cm. Provenance: Purchased at Kaynes in the late 1980s and early 1990s Kaynes

Fine antique Japanese Shunga watercolour scroll, the long hand scroll with eleven paintings of couples in erotic positions, finely painted on silvered paper with red lacquer scroll handles brocade borders and gold leaf top section artists seals and calligr

A Japanese kutani porcelain erotica figure, late Meiji period. 16 cm high, 20 cm wide

Four Chinese snuff bottles, three incised erotic examples along with a carved mottled green jade example (4)

Miniature Japanese ivory carving of a rural house together with a partially coloured erotic ivory of a naked lady reclining. (2)

Indian moments. Five paintings including framed erotica, with Morley drawing to reverse together with three others. Gouache. Various, 40 x 30 cm largest

Kama Sutra. Seven pages from early Indian manuscripts, each with hand-painted erotic scenes, with manuscript to reverse. Gouache. 25 x 17 cm (each) (average) (7)

Chinese ivory box with erotic scene to the top and carved erotic scene inside, calligraphy to base

Four framed Chinese erotica paintings, Late Qing dynasty to Republic period, 14.2 cm wide, 16.2 cm long (4).

Bone Inro with erotica scene birds to reverse with Japanese Ojime, 6.3 cm high

Bone Inro with erotica scene & ducks to reverse with Japanese Ojime, 6.3 cm high

Two Chinese Teapots, including a shaped rectangular pot in iron red and an oval pot in green and blue, both painted in enamels with erotic scenes in panels between decorative borders; seal marks underside. Height 10.5 cm and 15.5 cm

A folio of Chinese erotic paintings, together with a Chinese erotic figurative panel and a teapot with erotic panels

A Japanese silk scroll painted with erotic scenes, encased in an embossed nickel tube

A Japanese carved ivory and wood erotic figure and a ceramic erotic figure group

Japanese ivory two section inro. Circular with ivory bead attached. Engraved blossom decoration. Erotic scene carved to interior. Provenance: Private Collection, ACT. Diameter 4.5 cm

Two vintage Chinese bone & horn snuff bottles, one decorated with an erotic scene. The other with mountain scene. Both with calligraphy verso

Two Japanese ivory erotic netsuke, Meiji/Taisho period. Length 4 cm max.

Japanese ivory erotic netsuke, Meiji/Taisho period. Height 6 cm

A Chinese carved ivory cylindrical cricket cage, incised around the body with erotic images, the top pierced with a dragon design, 11.3 cm high