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An early whaling swivel harpoon gun made by Ww Greener Birmingham with land carriage, barrel length 90.5 cm

A whaling harpoon by Scorrar of London, 19th century, 98 cm long

Whaling articulated head whale harpoon sliding ring type from percussion muzzle loading swivel gun, rare, 66 cm long

Whaling articulated head harpoon broad arrow marked from Govt Whaling boat C1850, 55 cm long

19th century dual Flue Whaling harpoon 60 cm long marked on Shank 'Smith & Son Redditch England'

Three early bronze harpoon Tips, one circa 1500 BC the largest, 38 cm long

Two steel explosive harpoon heads, first half 20th century, the longest 42 cm

A large wooden base dual-flue whaling harpoon, 19th century, 223 cm long

An iron dual-flue toggling harpoon, 19th century, 84 cm long

An iron barbed dual-flue whale harpoon, made by Scorrar of London, English, 19th century, reputedly from a Private Museum, Boydtown NSW, 96 cm long

An iron dual-flue toggling harpoon, 19th century, 76.5 cm long

Whale harpoon, single flued stamped 'A.S. London', 19th century. 85 cm

Whale harpoon, mid 19th century with articulated barb. 67 cm

Whale harpoon, single flued, stamped 'Scheibner', 19th century. 99.5 cm

A harpoon gun plus harpoon by Barnett, London, 100 cm long with loaded harpoon, barrel length approximately 44 cm

A Pierce harpoon gun, 93 cm long, barrel length 9.5 cm

A gunmetal Pierce shoulder harpoon gun, pressed, patented 82, 95 cm long, barrel length 49 cm

A C.C. Brand harpoon gun, 90 cm long, barrel length 51 cm

An antique whalebone harpoon, dated 1844, with inscription, 29 cm long

A 19th century whale chase diorama including models of a fully rigged three masted vessel under full sail, a two masted paddle steamer and two long boats in pursuit of a whale and its calf, some of the miniature whalers with harpoons. in a glass case with

An antique cast iron hay harpoon, A.J. Nellis & Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, last quarter 19th century. Length 100 cm

A hand forged whale harpoon head, from Wairua Bay, Kapiti Island. Awhaling site from 1836 onwards. Length 55 cm