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Set of 6 rum measures, half gill to a gallon, hand made copper, English, 19th century

Set of antique French copper saucepans, along with a bowl & measure, 40 cm long

A Georgian four gallon copper measure by Wood &. Sons of Glascow, stamped '. G.R'. over the kings crown. 44 cm

A group of seven vintage copper and brass measures, 19th to 20th century, comprising a Victorian haystack style one gallon measure with lead stamp, another similar measure with a stepped base, three conical lipped measures with marks Js&S for Joseph Sa

Victorian Government copper measures of capacity from Old Melbourne Observatory, circa 1895. Bushel, half bushel & peck in two boxes with glass strike discs. Each brass measure is hand engraved 'Imperial Standard Bushel (Half Bushel etc.) Victoria, J. McEw

A brass trivet and a copper measure or ale warmer, 19th to 20th century, the pierced trivet of oval form raised on four slender baluster legs; the copper measure or ale warmer of conical form with a rolled rim and a hollow rivet joined 'C' form handle, fun

Three graduated 19th century French copper pan lids measure 38 cm (largest)

Rare set of seven graduating English funnel form copper measures, each with applied loop handles, impressed warrant dated 1859 (7)

A Georgian period 2 gallon copper harvest measure, of traditional conical shape with broad pouring spout, the handle attached with rivets. Height 34 cm

A large copper pitcher or 'Lipped Measure', British, 1911-1936 era, a well used handmade measure with a tapered body and dovetailed joins, a loop and riveted handle, and with a lead stamp on the inside rim bearing the Royal cipher of George V, Gr (for Geor

Antique copper & brass wine makers measure, marked Decalitre, 36 cm high