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A Christofle eight piece cutlery canteen, Malmaison pattern setting for eight people.

Set of French Art Deco Christofle cutlery, plus 21 silver handled knives. (approx 96)

Christofle 'Albi' cutlery setting for six persons comprising six main forks, six main knives, six main spoons, six entree forks, six entree knives, six dessert spoons, six fruit forks, six fruit knives, six teaspoons, one p√Ęte knife. All set in three origi

A modern French Christofle silver plate eight place setting of table cutlery, complete with knives and accessories, serving spoons, fish forks, teaspoons, butter knives, large and small table knives, etc. 74 pieces in original fitted canteen with brass loc

Christofle 'Marly' silver plated setting comprising twelve main forks, six main knives, six soup spoons, six fish forks, six fix knives, six entree forks, six entree knives, six dessert spoons, six cake forks, six teaspoons, a sauce ladle, cake ser

Christofle, silver plate cutlery set, comprising a ladle, six entree forks, six entree knives, six table spoons, six table forks, six table knives, six dessert spoons, all marked 'Christofle', with original Christofle canteen box (37)

Set of French cutlery, mostly marked Christofle

Thirty nine piece Christofle silver plate flatware pattern 'Marly', comprising of 6 main knifes and forks, 6 entree knifes and 5 forks, 5 soup spoons, 3 dessert spoons, together with 8 teaspoons

A Christofle cutlery setting with eight. 65 place settings

A French Christofle service canteen setting for eight people and other pieces. Malmaison pattern

A boxed Christofle 'Perle' silver plate cutlery service, in typical design, full setting for six in original box (44 pieces).

Christofle silver plated 'Spatours' setting for eight persons in canteen comprising eight main forks, eight main knives, eight main spoons, eight entree forks, eight entree knives, eight dessert spoons & eight teaspoons. Condition excellent to good, minor

Christofle 'Perles' cutlery setting comprising ten main forks, ten main knives, ten dessert spoons, nine entree forks, ten entree knives, ten soup spoons, nine teaspoons, eleven butter knives, a soup ladle, an ample serving spoon, another serving spoon, a

Christofle 'Marly' cutlery setting for eight persons comprising eight main forks, eight entree forks, eight soup spoons, eight teaspoons, eight main spoons, one pate knife, eight entree knives, eight main knives & a serving spoon.

Christofle 'Albi' silver plated cutlery setting for twelve person in Coffre Regency pattern, comprising twelve dessert knives, twelve main knives, a carving knife, a carving fork, twelve dessert spoons, twelve dessert forks, twelve table spoons, twelve mai

Christofle 'Perles' cutlery setting comprising ten main forks, ten main knives, ten entree forks with two other matched entree forks, twelve entree knives, ten soup spoons, nine dessert spoons, ten teaspoons, a cake knife, pate knife, a fish knife & a chee

A Comprehensive suite of Christofle Capricorn silver plate flatware together with a Christofle sterling silver flatware set hallmarked post 1983, total silver weight 2812 grs, setting for eight plus extras, the Capricorn silver plate suite setting for four

Antique canteen of Christofle flatware, 37 pieces in all, in original fitted case

Canteen of Christofle flatware, 61 pieces in all, setting for twelve

Christofle canteen cutlery service for twelve. Provenance: Orlando Brown Collection, Mosman

Christofle 'Marly' cutlery setting consisting of eight main forks, eight main knives, eight dessert forks, eight dessert knives, eight bread knives, a cheese knife, eight dessert spoons, eight bouillon spoons & eight teaspoons.

Christofle silver-plated cutlery set in Victorian cabinet. 117 pieces, comprising a suite for 10, plus serving utensils.

Christofle silver plated cutlery in canteen, 12 each main course knives/forks, entree knives/forks, fish knives/forks, cake forks, teaspoons, soup spoons, 11 dessert spoons and 14 serving utensils approx

Christofle silver plated 'Cluny' pattern flatware, consisting of eight large knives, eight large forks, eight spoons, eight dessert knives, eight dessert spoons, eight dessert forks, four serving pieces and a pair of salt cellars with spoons, in original b

Christofle 'Atlantide' pattern flatware consisting of sixteen large knives, sixteen large forks, sixteen soup spoons, sixteen dessert spoons, sixteen dessert knives, sixteen dessert forks, twenty-two fish knives, twenty-two fish forks, twenty butter knives

Christofle cutlery and Others consisting of 'Acanthus' miniature knife, fork and spoon, 'Acorn' miniature knife, fork and spoon, five various 925 standard teaspoons. Length of knife 11 cm. Weight not including knives 135g

Quality 94 piece cutlery service by Christofle in canteen, fiddle and thread pattern

A cased Christofle gilded cutlery service with family crest - retailed by Asprey & Co. London

Two boxed sets Christofle cutlery. 12 dessert spoons, and 12 forks.

Christofle 'Aria' cutlery setting consisting of 183 pieces, setting for 18 persons incl entree, fish, main and variety of serving implements

A Christofle cutlery service comprising, twelve soup spoons, knives, forks, smaller forks, small spoons, fish forks, fish knives, one ladle, four serving spoons and one sugar server (90 pieces in the, Cluny, design)

A part set of Christofle flatware, comprising three each of knives, forks, spoons, side knives, dessert forks, two dessert spoons and four teaspoons, together with other flatware contained in a fitted case.