These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Early French SFBJ doll. Marked SFBJ 60 Paris. Porcelain head & original composition body. Dressed, height 45 cm

SFBJ china head doll in glass dome (doll C1899-1910) dress replica to original of owner, 29 cm high. (doll)

Antique SFBJ doll, with bisque head and sleep eyes. Marked S.F.B.J 301 Paris. in vintage dress. 54 cm high

Six various early dolls, including Floridora AM; SFBJ Paris; etc. All with original dresses. Also one disassembled doll. Various

An SFBJ Paris bisque doll with a SFBJ composition body. Length 45 cm

A porcelain headed doll, Sfbj, French, circa 1920, 60 cm high

SFBJ bisque doll, dark pupil-less sleeping eyes light brown mohair wig on jointed French composition body, marked SFBJ 60 Paris 2

Possible SFBJ composition socket head doll, sleeping brown eyes blonde wig on French jointed composition body in original Brittany national costume