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Western Australia Surfing memorabilia (7pcs) i) 1960 / 61 Yallingup beach Rd from beach 39 x 49.5 cm ii) red Abbott and Don Bancroft coming up the track from the water (Yallingup beach) 36 x 49.5 cm iii) Steven Mailey with pig board in old flying suit chec

Victoria Surfing memorabilia (9pcs) i) Reef Seascape Bells beach 28th March 1966 33 x 50 cm ii) Junior Finalists Australian Titles Bells beach 25th March 1967 Butch Cooney, Wayne Lynch, Kevin Parkinson 50 x 34 cm iii) Barrie Sutherland Apollo Bay October 1

Five framed Surfing advertising Ephemera - autographed memorabilia i) Simon Anderson displaying his new Thruster 3 fin design - signed upper right 45 x 30 cm, (photographic print) ii) ricky Javavich 25.5 x 35.5 cm, (photographic print) iii) Sean McNulty wi

Jack Eden b.1931 (NSW) six limited edition signed prints i) John Coleman 1962, Settin it up, the 60's Longboard Days LE: 753/1000;27 x 39 cm (image) ii) the Crew 1961, the Search, the 60's Longboard Days LE: 753/1000;27 x 39 cm (image) iii) Bobby b

Surfing memorabilia i) framed beach Boys record 20 golden Greats 62 x 84 cm (frame) ii) movie poster five Summer Stories 52 x 31 cm (image) ii) Bob McTavish: presentation autographed print Bells beach Mar 23 1967, Australian title signed lower right with d

Zipees Sidewalk surfboard skateboard 1960's plywood deck made in Chicago Illinois length 19 inches

Shark green skateboard by Nash early 1960's timber deck sidewalk surfboard made in the USA. Complete with its original metal wheels and green graphics. Length 22 inches

Rinky-Dink surfboard skateboard 1960's original from the USA with metal wheels and trucks and solid timber deck length 24 inches

Huffy rocker skateboard 1960's plywood thunder board length 25 inches

Flyer Deluxe skateboard made in Britain in 1960's plywood deck black rubber wheels. Length 23 inches

Bennett Pro for Hap Jacobs Surf (skate) board 1970's. Plywood Deck with road rider wheels. Length 25 inches

Hawaiian Paipo board, hollow timber 5'2 inches x 19 inches

Bodyboard - Bellbogger, circa 1978/9 plastic bellyboard by surf Entreprener Dick Ash. Twin fin board has a concave bottom and a spooned out deck. 4'2 inches x 19 inches

Bodyboard - Tom Wegener Paipo board made from Palonia wood. This recreation of a historic surfing instrument is a part of Tom's rejuvenation of the old types of surfing. Finless, the wood is totally water resistant and needs only a slight oiling before

Kneeboard - Tony Dragan experimental model with a very rounded pintail with water passing from the nose through the centre of the board and exiting between the four fins at the rear. Rear two fins have tips at 90 degrees to main fin. Designed to channel wa

Kneeboard - The Surfboard Shaping Company twin fish tail, two tone red deck with pin stripes and scooped deck, laminated wooden fins Logo is shaper in boardies holding shaping plane 5' x 20 inches

Kneeboard - surfboard Hawaii round tail and long racking fin 4'10 inches x 20 inches

Kneeboard - solid balsa redwood This board was cut down from a solid balsa / redwood surfboard 10' long to suit a young child in 1964. Extremely heavy and purchased in California. 4'2 inches x 22 inches

Kneeboard - shoe 1973. scooped deck and handles three fins with plug fin boxes attractive yellow deck with green pin stripe. 5'2 inches x 20 inches

Kneeboard - Penta fin Kneeboard designed and shaped by Bruce Greig Channel bottom, swallowed tail with double flyers. 5'6 inches x 23 inches

Bill Wallace memorabilia (5pcs) i) bill Wallace print 39 x 27 cm ii) William Wallace cover boy 17.5 x 25.5 cm iii) the Winner of the bill Wallace board 17 x 24.5 cm iv) bill Wallace, in the world of surfing bill Wallace is a Living Legend 29 x 18 cm v) bil

Kneeboard - Hansen scooped deck. Single stringer, round tail with plugged fin box. Very light weight. 3'11 inches x 20 inches

Kneeboard - George Greenough Swallow tail Sky 1978. Shaped by Chris Brock. Swallow tail with flyers. Twin fin. 5'8 inches x 23 inches

Kneeboard - Freedom Deeper Visions spoon paipo with flex tail and handles, single fin. 4'11 inches long

Kneeboard - El Paipo made in Newport beach, California. Spoon with handles. Attractive logo with winged kneedboard and and sun/cloud backdrop. Clear top, red bottom, single fin. 4' x 19 inches

Kneeboard - arrow designs made in 1975. Shaped by P Bruning shaped like a mini surfboard with a wide nose and a gun like tail. Single fin. 5' 4 inches 18 inches

Kneeboard - Aragorn slab twin fin Pintail, circa 1980's double flyer round tail shaped by Bruce Grieg. Clear deck, blue bottom. 5'5 inches x 24 inches

Surf King paddle board - red built in 1948 made in Hoquiam Washington state 12' x 22 inches

Kook board Hollow Ply made in the 1940s/1950s. Red with white stripe 7'6 inches x 16 inches

Joe Larkin Duke replica board replica balsa and woodefibres Dukfibres board that Joe Larkin handmade 10' x 22 inches

West Coast Surfboardfibres fibres deck surfboard 1970. Round tailefibres fibres deck has a large raked fin. Logo shows Peter Bothwell on a wave. 6'6 inches x 20 inches

West Coast single fin swallow tail surfboard Flyer 1977. Red with lightning bolt in yellow 6'9 inches x 20 inches

Wave Tight plastic board surfboard 70s moulded plastic surfboard. Finless design 4'11 inches x 19

Tony dragon Thruster surfboard 2 stringer thruster 8' x 22 inches

Southerman surfboards twin fin surfboard made on the Corner Surf Shop label, located in Geraldton, twin fin, swallow tail, with flyers. 6' x 20

Rip Curl single fin surfboard by Randy Rarick pin tail shaped by Randy Rarick orange colour with pin stripe. Rip curl logos on bottom. 8'1 inches x 20 inches

Red hot sticks single fin Pintail surfboard 1976. Shaped by Ian Cairns, who only made a few boards. 7' x 20 inches

Plastic Shortboard reverse D fin and tail concave 5'4 inches x 21 inches