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A Chinese bronze standing figure of Guanyin, YĆ¼tang Shisou mark, Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), nationalistically cast figure standing on a cloud, turning slightly to the left with hands and forearms held before her, dressed in a flowing robes adorned with silv

Two Chinese red lacquered mandarin necklace round boxes, early 20th century, both about 19.5 cm long and 9.5 cm high

A Tibetan gilt copper Bodhisattva, circa 18th century, the fully achieved figure depicting a Bodhisattva engaged in the divine dance has a long necklace hanging to the navel, anklets and armlets and well-rounded limbs and body, 3 cm high

An Indian costume necklace, the flat collar with applied beaded panels and set with twelve circular painted scenes and figures. Silver. Width 35mm. Inside diameter approximately 13 cm

A Chinese Mandarin court necklace, Chao zhu, in an original cinnabar gilt lacquer box, Qing dynasty 19th century, 108 ceramic beads, assembled into four sections by three large transparent blue glass beads, imitating sapphires, counting strings with contra

Early Chinese trade bead necklace, in agate and rock crystal, of spherical, facetted and cylindrical form

Khmer bronze seated Buddha, depicted with head dress, eyes down cast, serene expression, necklace, hands resting in lap, height 31 cm

Early Champa carved stone figural panel, of rectangular form, carved with a deity in dance wearing headdress, necklace and robe tied at waist on pedestal base, height 18 cm

Sterling silver and blue topaz set, comprising of necklace with matching earrings and ring size: N/6-7 adjustable, Chinese certificate available

A Chinese Qing dynasty silver, coral, turquoise and enamel pendant necklace, hung with a blue enameled repousse centre piece, pavillion motifs. Length including drop 40 cm.

A Chinese Qing dynasty silver, coral, turquoise and enamel necklace with blue enamelled needle case. Length including drop 44 cm.

A Chinese Qing dynasty silver, coral, turquoise, mother of pearl and enamel pendant necklace, hung with a blue enameled centre piece. Length including drop 40 cm.

A Chinese Qing dynasty silver, coral, turquoise and enamel necklace, hung with a blue enameled lock decorated with Chinese characters. Length including drop 33 cm.

A Chinese Qing dynasty silver, coral, turquoise and enamel necklace, hung with a blue enameled lock decorated with Chinese characters. Length including drop 33 cm.

Parcel-gilt Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin, 19th century/20th century, the standing figure holding a lotus branch in one hand, wearing a loose flowing robe falling in graceful folds, open at the chest to reveal a flower necklace, on a lotus base, height

A Chinese marble Bodhisattva, carved and incised, a full face below a crown, probably Ming Dynasty 14-17th century, a scarf draped over each arm, wearing a long necklace over the pleated robes falling above his feet, standing straight on a circular lotus b

Good gilt bronze/copper Jambhala seated on dog of Fo, depicted with headdress, with earrings and necklaces, one hand in pose, the other holding mongoose, seated on dog of fo with head turned, raised on a lotus base, with back flame finial, 17 cm x 15 cm (t

Extremely large Chinese gilt bronze Jambhala, depicted seated with head dress and stern look, with necklace, holding mongoose in one hand and peach in the other, seated on scroll base, 38 cm x 33 cm

A Chinese Mandarin court necklace, amethyst, turquoise & coral glass beads with jade, length 126 cm

A Tibetan gold and red lacquered image of white Tara, early Qing Dynasty, 18th century, the Bodhisattva covered in jewels and necklaces, seated on a double-lotus throne in Padmasana, the right hand in Varada mudra, the left hand in Vitaka mudra, the red la

A rare Chinese wooden standing figure of Guanyin, late song-Yuan Dynasty, 13th-14th century, his hair in a high chignon, wearing a necklace and sash and a robe from the waist down, a slight curve to the body and traces of black and red pigment, 37 cm high,

A Chinese silver filigree stone set necklace, set with 5 cabochon tiger's-eye plaque links.

A vintage Chinese silver and stone necklace, set with coral, turquoise and prase beads, length 100 cm.

Chinese multi-colour jade bead necklace white, amber, red and green jade beads interspaced with disc jade links and gold beads with 14ct clasp

Chinese mother of pearl Gaming counter necklace with loose counters

Chinese light green jade mixed bead necklace with sliding ring and dragon carved pendant

A Chinese 'marriage' necklace of hardstone, jade, and silver beads, Late Qing dynasty to Republic period, 57 cm long fully extended, the jade bangle 3.2 cm diam., beads varying from 0.7 cm to 2.5 cm diam., 215g. Provenance: NSW private collection,

A carved ivory figure of Kannon by Nobuyoshi, 19th century, standing on a rockwork base, wearing long layered robes with wide sleeves and a narrow celestial scarf rising above her shoulders, her hair drawn into a high chignon set at the front with an elabo

A jade pendant necklace, jade disk with spinning internal Chinese character in a perspex window, silver.

A Chinese gold and jadeite necklace, the eleven carved panels spaced by octagonal sections and supporting a Foo dog chop seal. Yellow gold. Weight 58.92 grams. Length 56.5cm

An onyx and rock crystal faceted bead necklace, with graduating circular onyx beads and rock crystals beads, with additional rock crystal and onyx faceted beads.

A Nepalese silver necklace,18th-19th century, copper with repousse silver finely worked with stylized floral scroll with inlaid stones, nice old patina, 20 cm long

A life-size painted Chinese figure of Guanyin standing on a double lotus throne, the round full face with a serene expression, the bodhisattva is dressed in a skirt falling to her bare feet, a shawl draped over one shoulder revealing the lavish necklace, t

A Dehua multi-armed figure of Guanyin Qing dynasty, 19th century, seated in dhyanasana on a lotus base supported on an octagonal pedestal pierced with wan and oval motifs, the primary hands held in anjalimudra, the lower pair in dhyanamudra, the other four

Blue cloisonne necklace with silver gilt clasp, size: approx 60 cm in length

An Indian enamel and gem set necklace, featuring a gold panel embellished with red and green enamel, in 22ct gold, suspended from six twisted strands of chrysoprase and red jasper, total length 620mm.