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A finely carved Japanese ivory vase, Meiji period, 1865-1912, the tusk vase continuously decorated with nine relief carved promenading courtly figures and attendants carrying various objects beneath prunus blossom branches, with delicate engraving and rest

A pair of Chinese horn lion ornaments, the opposite pair of well carved stylised growling lions in recumbent poses. Length 9 cm

Chinese rhino horn libation cup carved with elephant mask and climbing dragon 11.5 cm height

A Shibayama ivory tusk vase mounted as a lamp, Meiji Period, late 19th century, the slightly curved cylindrical tusk inlaid in various materials including mother-of-pearl and stained ivory, with a cockerel perched on a blossoming tree, a hen and chicks on

A carved full-tip rhinoceros horn libation cup, 19th century, (2), the full length of the horn intricately carved with a farmer walking in front of his companion riding on a buffalo, beside gnarled pine, fruiting gourd and flowering prunus trees rising fro

A carved rhinoceros horn 'prunus' libation cup Qing dynasty, 17th/18th century, naturalistically carved as a prunus blossom with flaring overlapping petals forming the cup, the exterior carved in high relief with branches bearing prunus buds and bl

A rhinoceros horn 'grapevine' libation cup Qing dynasty, 18th century, carved as an open multi-petalled flower, the exterior decorated in relief with scrolling stems of grapevine bearing clusters of fruit and foliage, the branches issuing from the

A rhinoceros horn 'lotus leaf' libation cup Qing dynasty, 17th/18th century, carved in the form of a widely flared lotus leaf with characteristic veining finely delineated on the interior and exterior extending to the frilled rim, and issuing from

A rare rhinoceros horn chalice, late 19th century the squat globular bowl waisted below the broad everted rim, carved in relief on the exterior with a phoenix in a frieze of peony and other flowering plants between bands of stiff leaves, and a further band

A Chinese horn libation cup, 19th century, carved in relief to the exterior with a band of taotie masks on a key-fret background, surrounded by a border of key-fret design to both the mouth and foot rim, the handle pierced with numerous intertwined qilong,

A large Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cup, Qing Dynasty, probably 17th century, carved in high relief with a figure holding a peach branch, a large fruiting peach branch on the other side, flowering prunus issuing from rock work and also inside the cup,

Two Chinese horn bowls, the larger having carved decoration, 11.5 cm

A Chinese carved rhinoceros horn 'magnolia' libation cup, 17th/ 18th century the reddish brown horn naturalistically carved as a large and spreading magnolia blossom raised on a branch issuing blossoms, the interior incised with veins rising to the irregul

A Chinese carved horn libation cup decorated with mythical animals. Height 5.5 cm, diameter 10.5 cm.

A pair of Chinese carved bone tusks, with ornately decorated with carved reserves of figures and dragons within etched decoration. 80 cm high

A pair of Chinese carved rhino horn brush rests a matching pair of brush rests decorated with lightly carved images of branches carrying blossoms. Height 1.6 cm; width 7.4 cm; Depth 2.8 cm. Note: See report: carved objects examination certificate, Macquari

Two Chinese ruyi sceptres, one of carved horn, the other of zitan with soapstone inlays, 23 cm long, 38 cm long (2).

A pair of mammoth tusk figures of rhinoceros, 20th century, each realistically carved striding forward on short legs with head turned slightly to one side, mouth partly open and ears raised in alert attitude, the large head supporting two horns and with sm

An extremely rare Chinese rhinoceros horn box and cover, late Ming/early Qing Dynasty, 17th century, carved in the form of a Buddhist lion and cub, the details exquisitely rendered, their tails extending under the base and curling around the feet., 12 cm w

A carved Chinese horn. Relief carved allover with bats in a pine tree and bamboo landscape, with a key fret design to the edge; inscribed seal mark underside. Height 11.5 cm

A Chinese carved horn lotus root pendant with attached coral bead. Length 5.6 cm

19th century Chinese carved rhinoceros horn libation cup entirely carved and pierced with ornate figures & animals amongst foliage, scrolling cloud to the rim. Displayed on matching carved fruitwood stand. Horn 67 cm length, 87 cm height on stand (damage t

A pair of carved Chinese horn disc pendants, of near oval form and carved in low relief to both faces with figures, deer and birds in traditional settings all on a diaper ground. Length 8 cm. Width 6 cm

A Chinese oxide stained & carved horn Hotei figure he stands with smiling expression clutching a sack and leaf fan. Height 13 cm

A rare 18th/19th century Chinese carved rhinoceros horn libation cup in the form of an archaic bronze 'Jue' drinking vessel. Taotie monster masks above the splayed legs, key border and strap handle. The lotus petal bowl with twin fish for felicity. Some ol

A carved Chinese horn beaker, in deep amber red and utilising the natural form of the horn, relief carved to depict birds beneath pine trees, the textured trunk serving as the 'Handle'. Height 6.5 cm.

A carved Chinese horn Zhongli Quan, 19th century, Qing dynasty, the Taoist immortal seated, holding his fan in his right hand, wearing a open and loose jacket and pantaloons, fitted wood stand, 12.2 cm high

A Chinese Jadonite. Small cabbage, with lizard, a small carved horn? pendant and a small carved soapstone ornament. Length 6.5 cm (largest)

A superb antique Chinese rhinoceros horn cup, late Qing Dynasty, 19th century, in a warm honey shade, the rim embellished with a key fret band above a lappet border, further carved with two taotie masks and to one end a mischievous carved chilong clamberin

A rare and magnificent pair of late 19th century Chinese carved rhinoceros horns. The spectacular horns are carved to the tip with a pierced openwork design of trees, vines, gourds, lingzhi fungus, young deer and the 'Three friends of winter’; pine, prunus

An old Chinese carved tusk, carved as a fishing sampan with numerous family figures on an open deck, the hollow part of the tusk finely pierced and carved to represent a net flung into the ocean, various fish swim across its upper surfaces. Raised on carve

An 18th/19th century Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cup, of deep chestnut colour, realistically carved and detailed as an unfurling lotus leaf supported within a framework of stalks of lotus blossoms and leaves, seeding millet, arrowhead and bulrush plan

An oriental carved horn depicting a seated Buddha figure. Height 8 cm

A 'Magnolia and Prunus' rhinoceros horn libation cup 17th/18th century carved as an open magnolia blossom with overlapping petals, the exterior with flowering magnolia branches on one side and blossoming prunus on the other in high and pierced relief exten

A Chinese carved horn, retaining its natural shaped, carved in relief throughout with a scene of scholars beneath blossoming trees. Length 22 cm

A horn libation cup carved in low relief to either side with designs of lotus flowers framed by borders of square fret design, a narrow loop handle issues from the back, designed to affix a ribbon. Height 9.5 cm

A tall horn libation cup, carved in relief and intaglio with dragons, bats and archaic style mythical beasts to the surface of the cup, raised on three leaf shaped feet. Height 16.5 cm, on oblong wooden stand

A horn libation cup carved with pagodas and landscape, 8 cm high

A Chinese horn libation cup, carved and moulded to replicate the leaves of a lotus flower. 14.5 x 10.5 x 7 cm

Chinese carved horn boat, on fitted and carved stand. Length 23 height 15 cm (including stand)