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The Kammer & Reinhardt doll company was formed in 1886 in Waltershausen, Thuringia, Germany by doll-maker Ernst Kämmer and businessman Franz Reinhardt.

The early Kammer & Reinhardt dolls were made of wax, and while Kammer & Reinhardt bisque doll heads and bodies were designed by by the company, most of the heads were manufactured by another German doll manufacturer, Simon & Halbig. They also purchased bisque heads from the porcelain factories of Kling and Schuetzmeister & Quendt.

From 1886 to 1909 they made dolls with a bisque head on a composition ball jointed body or kid, many with an open mouth with teeth, but after 1909 they diversified into other types of dolls including bisque, composition or celluloid heads, and cloth costume dolls with wired bodies, dressed as various professions.

Kammer & Reinhardt were one of the first producers to use coloured bisque for black, red Indian and oriental dolls, the latter of which had slanted eyes.

However, Kammer & Reinhardt is probably best known for their character baby and child dolls.

In 1902 Kammer & Reinhardt purchased the Heinrich Handwerck doll company and in 1919 they merged with the Simon & Halbig doll company. more...
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Vintage German Kammer and Reinhardt doll and vintage French clothes to include Baby's christening gowns, French knickers etc (2 boxes)

An early 20th century K*R (Kammer & Reinhardt) bisque painted baby doll, blue painted eyes, red mouth and brown hair, the composition body (five piece) with moveable arms and legs. Length 46.5 cm

Probable Krammer & Reinhardt brown bisque doll, brown sleeping eyes, pierced ears with black mohair wig on 5pce French straight limb composition body 29 cm marked Emblem? 1920

A Kammer and Reinhardt/Simon and Halbig companion character doll, with oily bisque head, fixed blue glass eyes, open mouth with four upper teeth, pierced ears, long chestnut wig on a fully jointed composition child's body, dressed in white broderie dress,