Learn about Golliwog

The golliwog was a character illustrated by British/American author and artist Florence Upton (1873-1922) in a children's book published in 1895. As drawn by Upton, he is a friendly character derived from the tradition of the blackface minstrel with black face, bright red lips and woolly hair and he wore a red bow tie on a white collar, a blue jacket and black trousers.

Her books were extremely popular in England and this carried through to Europe and the United States.

Upton did not trademark the character and others adopted it, including toy and doll manufacturers, jam manufacturers James Robertson & Sons, and Enid Blyton in some of her books, where he is portrayed as an evil character.

In 1928 James Robertson & Sons introduced paper labels on their jams and marmalades which could be exchanged for enamel badges featuring a golliwog, and this became one of the longest running collecting schemes in the United Kingdom. The promotion continued until 2002 and in the approximately 80 years it was in operation, it is estimated that 20 million badges were distributed. more...
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A Golden Shred Robertson's composition Golly advertising shop figure. Height 67 cm

Three unboxed TV-Themed Corgi models, including 801 Noddy's car with Noddy Big ears and grey faced Golly; Corgi 804 Noddy's car with Noddy Only, no Dickey-seat or rear Bumper, windscreen missing; and Corgi D2031 Fozzie bear's car (G-VG) (3)

A Wilkinson golly bookend. Base marked 'Wilkinson England, Honeyglaze, hand painted. Height 14 cm

A Clarice Cliff golly bookend. Base marked 'Wilkinson Ltd. England, by Clarice Cliff.' height 14.5 cm

Two Pelham puppets, including skeleton and Golly (E boxes G) (2)

Paul Maseyk, lidded stoneware jar decorated with a stylised golliwog figure. Height 23 cm. Provenance: from the collection of Ruth Butterworth

An unusually large vintage golliwog, black velvet with bead and mother-of-pearl eyes, stitched mouth and original outfit with red tails, bow tie and black dress trousers. Length 70 cm

An Old English Golliwog iron money box. Maker John Harper Ltd, 1910-1920s. Height 16 cm

Corgi 801 Noddy's car yellow and red with Noddy, Big ears and Golly figures, in yellow and blue illustrated window box, one end repaired (E box F); and Corgi 804 Noddy's car, yellow and red, red seats, plastic figure of Noddy, spare wheel to boot, no dicke

An old die cast bronze figural money bank of the characterful 'Golly', wide-eyed, laughing with hands to his rotund belly. Height 15.8 cm

Corgi 804 Noddy's car yellow and red with Noddy, Big ears and grey faced Golly figures, in yellow and blue illustrated window box