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Born in 1924, Len Castle completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Auckland in 1946. He was introduced to pottery at night classes while training to be a secondary school teacher. His career path turned after he won a scholarship to study with master potter Bernard Leach in St Ives, Cornwall. During this period, recalled Castle, he absorbed a strong work ethic and became strongly drawn to the Oriental aesthetic. Castle returned from England to a job teaching science at Auckland Teachers' College. In 1963, he left the Teachers' College and became a professional potter, and in the same year, was instrumental in establishing the New Zealand Society of Potters. In 1966, he won a Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council fellowship, which he used to go to Japan and Hawaii. His trip cemented his love of Japanese pottery. In 1986, Castle was made a Commander of the British Empire and in 1990, he received a New Zealand Commemorative Medal, and in 2003 was made a Distinguished Companion of the NZ Order of Merit. Len Castle died in 2011.
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Len Castle 'Sea Secret' platter, flat oval form with radiating cut ribs, the central small well with blue glaze and fine incised decoration, the back fully incised in coral type decoration, small oval tapered foot. Impressed mark. 32 cm x 21 cm x 4

Len Castle, press moulded rectangular stoneware platter, with impressed motifs to the well in olive green ash glaze, late 1960s, C mark, length 43 cm

Len Castle, stoneware platter, in colonial shino and brown glazes with wax resist double falcon modernist motif in tenmoku glaze, 1970s, diameter 40 cm. Len Castle was fascinated by his boyhood sighting of a native falcon and used falcon heads widely in th

Len Castle, circular platter, in colonial shino with combed decoration to the well, circa 1970s, diameter 31 cm. The decoration on this platter was created using an antique samurai comb that Len Castle was given when he was in Japan.

Len Castle, circular platter, in colonial shino with scored lines radiating from the centre, circa 1970s, diameter 32 cm

Len Castle, rectangular stoneware platter, with 'Tipped in’ textured clay inclusion to the well, pale green ash glaze and oxide wash, circa early 1960s, C mark, length 44 cm

Len Castle, large rectangular platter, with textured clay inclusion to the well and pie crust rim, brown and tan through to black ash glazes, early 1960s, C mark, length 44 cm

Len Castle, large rectangular platter, in stoneware with ash glaze in blue/green and a series of stamped motifs to the well, length 40 cm. The symbols are based on the fire safety kanji Len Castle saw on Japanese farm houses under the eaves on his trip the

Len Castle, large rectangular platter, in stoneware with a stippled well and various impressions around the inner rim, tenmoku glaze with green/blue ash overglaze, 1980s, length 40 cm

Len Castle, early rectangular platter, with stippled well in treacle glaze with pooled blue glass glaze, 1960s, C mark, length 35 cm

Len Castle, large stoneware platter, with purple glaze over tenmoku, impressed initials. Diameter 40.5 cm. Provenance: originally in the Brian brake collection.

Len Castle, large stoneware deep platter, with ash glaze, impressed initials. Width 39 cm

Len Castle, large stoneware platter, with brushed decoration, jun glaze over tenmoku, impressed initials. Width 44 cm

Len Castle, large stoneware platter, with impressed decoration and dark brown and green ash glaze impressed initials width 46.5 cm

Len Castle, porcelain red glazed bowl, and an octagonal platter (damaged) both marked width 31 cm max

Len Castle, large earthenware platter, with alkaline blue glaze impressed initials width 44 cm

Len Castle. Large porcelain platter with blue glaze. Diameter 52 cm

A Len Castle brown stoneware charger with stripped wax resist decoration, stamped to the base, circa 1970s. Height 8 cm. Diameter 39.5 cm

Len Castle, stippled deep well platter, impressed mark, 59 cm length

Len Castle. Platter, stoneware with a rolled edge and a band of wavy decoration under tenmoku to rim. Height 5.5 cm. Length 37 cm

Len Castle, large stoneware square charger, with blue glaze, impressed mark. Width 42 cm

Len Castle, platter, stoneware, oblong with shino glaze, rolled edge and impressed decoration. Impressed mark. Height 6.5 cm. Length 37.5 cm

Len Castle (attributed), platters, a stoneware shino glazed platter with a thick rolled edge and a baking dish with similar glaze (2). Height 6 cm. Length 38 cm

Len Castle, stoneware platter with shino-style glaze. Width 19 cm

Len Castle oblong platter with stamp impressions to the well in sea green and tessha style glazes, impressed early mark, 32.5 cm. Length

Len Castle massive charger in turquoise and blue glazes with appliqued textured clay panel to the well (circa 1988/90, this was one of the development pieces for the Volcanic series shown at the Seville Expo 1992), impressed Lc mark. Diameter 53 cm

A vintage Len Castle large platter of rounded rectangular form, the well with textured dragged and cut bands, applied flat rim, partial pooled dark olive green glaze, the sides of a pale grey/green, impressed mark circa 1970. Length 35.5 cm. Width 42.5 cm