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Impressive armorial shellwork picture, 19th century, depicting Australian coat of arms, framed, 67 x 97 cm. Provenance: collection of David Ell, Sydney. Collection of George and Adisa Pompei, Sydney

Shellwork picture, c. 1830, depicting an English house fa├žade, framed, 46 x 49 cm. Provenance: collection of William Bradshaw, Sydney. Collection of George and Adisa Pompei, Sydney

Australian shellwork picture of a vase, 19th century, on velvet lining, in giltwood frame (A/F), 71 x 55 cm. Provenance: Ancanthe Antiques, Tasmania. Collection of George and Adisa Pompei, Sydney

Victorian Sailors Valentine box the octagonal shaped box opening to reveal shell mosaics

An Australian shell work vase and an Australian shepherd Madonna and Child plaque.c.1950's

An impressive white shell mirror, decorated with various species of shells including spider conch, tonna, scallop and rare candle staghorn. 135 x 105 cm

James Edward. Shell mirror of rectangular, with applied shells

A collection of six shell mounted dioramas, first half 20th century, in the style of a sailor's valentine, the largest 27 cm high

A Shellwork diorama ship picture of anchor form with steamship print. Height 27 cm

A Shellwork diorama ship picture with lighthouse print scene and decorative shell frame. Width 27 cm

A 19th century shell Valentine in hinged octagonal wooden case. Length 33.5 cm

Colonial folk art Valentine shell arrangement in its original octagonal bi-fold cedar case