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A carved celadon jade circular table screen Qing dynasty, 19th century, (2), one side with undercut detailing depicting two boys standing on a rocky ledge beside a pine tree growing from a high cliff to the side, and with a pavilion set on a rocky promonta

A Chinese porcelain brush pot painted with Boys at Play, Hongxian mark, height 12 cm

Chinese celadon crackle glaze bowl, of conical form decorated with three boys on exposed foot, diameter 18.5 cm

Two Chinese reticulated jade plaques, comprising one of ruyi head form, pierced with two boys standing among lotus scrolls, with bats and fish to either side, the other of barbed circular form, pierced with a frieze of birds and bats among flowers and ling

A pair of polychrome ivory snuff bottles, 19th/20th century, each of upright shouldered form, the sides carved in deep undercut relief with a continuous scene of women and children, one depicting women on a pavilion terrace watching a procession of boys pl

Style of Jiao Bingzhen, Late 19TH/20th century, Hundred Boys' at play, Style of Jiao Bingzhen, Late 19TH/20th century, Hundred Boys' at play, ink and colour on silk, a pair framed, each inscribed and with five seals, 93 x 30.5 cm. Provenance: Nagel

A Chinese lacquer fan case, Daoguang mark and period, 1821-1851, character mark in red lacquer to the underside, the front painted with boys at play, the heads raised in natural tones. Provenance: The collection of a retired airline executive, length 28.5

A Chinese porcelain bottle shaped vase, painted with Boys at Play in underglaze blue, height 19 cm

A Chinese porcelain Cloud shaped brush pot, the recessed base with a Jiaqing seal mark, late Qing Dynasty, painted in coral red enamel with a cartouche of two boys studying in the garden in the famille rose palette, height 10 cm

A pair of Chinese 'doucai' bowl, Chenghua mark, 17th-18th century, with conical shape, exterior decorated with three boys playing in the garden, interior with a pine tree within double circle, six-character Chenghua mark within double circle to the base, 1

A Chinese 'Qingbai' boys bowl, Southern Song dynasty, 12th century, the interior finely incised with four flying boys holding four lotus branches in between, covered with a fine even bluish green glaze, 14.1 cm diameter. A larger Qinba i bowl with

A porcelain snuff bottle with raised figures, inscribed Guan Lianhang, Qianlong mark to base, molded with a continuous scene of boys at play, front and reverse, height 8 cm

A porcelain snuff bottle Molded & painted in famille rose Enamels, four character mark to base, 19th/20th century, with two boys at play on front & reverse within a peach shape, height 6.5 cm. Provenance: private South African collection

Chinese famille rose porcelain ginger jar, 19th/20th century, the rounded body decorated with figures in landscape, the lid decorated with two boys playing, height 24.5 cm

An impressive large finely carved ivory snuff bottle sculpture, deep relief, fine detail of the 'Boys Day Procession' including multiple figures holding long staffs, a detailed block wall, fence and staining highlights, raised on oval carved stand.

A Chinese four panel screen, inlaid with bone & raised enamel, figures in a Pavilion garden, early 20th century, boys at play in the lacquer red fenced garden, idyllic with ducks in ponds, sheep grazing & cranes wandering, condition: the decoration

A pair of embellished black lacquer plaques Qing dynasty, 19th century, (2), each of stepped rectangular form, inlaid in jade, polychrome painted bone and ivory on the black ground, one with a central vase of peony and other flowers, surrounded by archaist

A 'famille-rose' bowl seal mark of Jiaqing, 19th century, the exterior painted with a continuous garden scene of boys at play, the interior with a central medallion of fruiting gourd vine and butterfly, gilt-edged rim, the base inscribed in iron-re

A pair of Chinese porcelain Drums stools, with fine enamel decoration, 20th century, painted with a continuous scene in vibrant famille rose enamels of boys & girls enjoying the lantern festival, two bands of applied pearls & a diaper border near t

A Chinese celadon square jade plaque, 18th-19th century, finely pierced with an immortal and five boys, three bats amongst scrolling foliage, fitted wood stand, 8.2 x 7.4 cm

A pair of Chinese celadon glazed vases with under-glaze blue decoration, 19th century, painted with officials and boys, 58.5 cm and 57.4 cm high

A Chinese 'qingbai' glaze bowl, Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), finely moulded with two boys amongst floral scrolls, 6.4 x 18.1 cm. Provenance: Acquired from Antique House, Royal Hawaiin Hotel, 2,000

Two Chinese famille rose porcelain mugs, 19th-early 20th century, one painted with scholars, ladies and boys in a garden setting, the other decorated with birds and flowers, 14 x 10.4 cm (largest)

A Chinese polychrome floor vase with foliate rim, the neck with dragons and lion dogs in relief, a central panel of boys flying kites, some in shape of butterflies, height 65 cm

A Japanese Satsuma bowl, with exceptionally fine painting, Meiji period, the interior painted with boys wading through a river & catching fish, the exterior with an old flowering plum blossom and flying plovers, a lacqured mon with clear gilt signature, di

A Qingbai boys bowl, Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), the interior with a moulded design of two fish, the cavetto with two boys amongst peony and lotus flowers, Jingdezhen kilns, minor traces of silver rim, 4.3x 18.1 cm

A good Qingbai boys bowl, Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), well moulded design of two boys amongst peonies, fine pale blue glaze, probably Jingdezhen kilns, minor traces of silver rim, 6 cm x 17.7 cm

Antique Chinese blue & white jar, painted to the central body with boys playing, 20 cm high

A Qingbai bowl, Southern Song(1127-1279), combed and incised with stylized flowers, together with a Qingbai boys bowl, probably later, 19.2 cm and 19.7 cm diameter

A 19th century Kyoto school ivory okimono of two boys, Meiji period, one holding a toad the other a puppy. Incised with signature. 19.7 cm high

A 'famille-rose' circular box and cover mark of Guangxu, (2) the domed cover painted with a scene of boys at play in a garden setting within a 'millle-fleurs' border around the rim, and repeated on the rim of the shallow rounded sides painted with fruiting

A pair of figures of laughing boys, Qing dynasty, (2) each well modelled standing holding a basket of fruit in both hands, including peach, pomegranate, grapes and finger citron, picked out in aubergine, yellow, blue and green glazes, and wearing a yellow

An embellished hardwood portable chest, Guanpixiang, 19th/20th century the wood probably huanghuali, of square form, the flat topped hinged cover with metal ruyi -head clasp and corner mounts, lifting to reveal a shallow compartment over a pair of panelled

A bamboo brushpot, 19th/20th century of cylindrical form, carved in high and undercut relief on one side with a group of six boys variously occupied, seated beneath tall banana palms beside rockwork in a fenced enclosure, 14 cm high

A celadon jade figure of an elephant, Qing dynasty standing four square, its large head turned to the side, a saddle cloth draped over its back and with two small boys crouched on its back, one holding a brush, the other grasping the elephant's tail, the s

A white jade carving, 19-20th century, depicting two boys on the back of a recumbent buffalo, with fitted box, 2.6 cm high, 4.5 cm long

Chinese celadon carved jade four boys brushwasher probably Qing measures 5.5 cm

Satsuma pair of miniature vases decorated with scenes of boys a leisure, signed to the base, on carved timber stands. Condition good, minor age related wear. Height of vases 6.4 cm

A large Satsuma vase, decorated with two 'brocade' framed panels, one depicting three boys playing with daimyos' signalling batons (saihai) and fan (gunpai): the other with a vanquished samurai and victor bearing a naginata pole arm. The vase of ovoid shap

A Chinese porcelain Wucai moon flask vase with underglaze blue design and decorated to the exterior with brightly coloured 'Wucai' enamels depicting the popular motif of four young boys riding qilins chasing flaming pearls, Chenghua six-character inscripti

A rare bronze Statute of children Worshiping Buddha, the upper figure depicts four boys holding hands encircling a Buddha sitting in the centre, the lower section depicts a boy riding a turtle, 20 cm high