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A Chinese hardwood table screen with ink enamel porcelain panels, early 20th century, well painted with landscapes, whole size: 60.5 cm high, 60 cm wide, each panel about 10x 20 cm (ex frame). Provenance: Old ACT Collection

Rare Oriental cloisonne folding table screen, decorated on both sides, blossoms & trees one side, phoenix & birds on the other. 16.5 cm high.

A Chinese fan shaped table screen, Qianlong seal mark, in a finely carved and pierced black hardwood frame, the centre with beauties in leisurely pursuits, height 39 cm

A Chinese gilt and black lacquer table screen, signature of Yubin Yu Ji [1738-1823], Qing Dynasty, the immortals celebrating a birthday, height 60 cm, width 38 cm, depth 26 cm

A Chinese ivory and gilt silver filigree table screen, early 20th century, the ivory plaque incised and painted with a landscape, signed 'Zhang Fengru', marked 'Ya Meili Zu Wen', 'Gan' under the stand, 18.6 cm high

A Chinese carved white jade 'marriage' plaque, Late Qing dynasty. fitted into a later table screen,, 12 cm wide,. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, the collection assembled in the 1970s in HK and Singapore, and hence by descent

A Chinese blackwood & porcelain table screen, Qianlong seal mark, a carved frame with glazed porcelain spandrels, applied & inlaid with ceramic chrysanthemums issuing from rocks on a stepped foot, height 78 cm, width 46.5 cm

A Chinese table screen on a carved stand, with a framed circular Dali marble tile, a natural mountain formation, stand 70 cm deep36.5 cm

A Chinese porcelain and carved timber table screen, people's Republic of China era, a porcelain panel decorated with enamel colours and depicting birds in a chrysanthemum garden, within a pierced floral and bat decorated frame upon a pierced and relief

A green jade table screen on ornately carved folding screen. 30 cm high

A Chinese shell decorated four panel table screen, the ebonised screen containing relief imagery of auspicious flowers in vases, embellished with shell, stone and coral colours. Height 45 cm. Width 61.5 cm

Early Cantonese famille rose table screen. Height 26 cm (overall) 40 x 25.5 cm (plaque)

A small Chinese jewelled jade table screen. The rectangular celadon coloured screen decorated and jewelled with applied leaves and peaches, flowers, rockwork and fauna in coloured stones and set within shaped side supports. Height 30 cm. Width 21 cm. Depth

A Chinese carved hardwood table screen, with inset polished bronze plaque. Height 73 cm max

A Chinese dreamstone marble panel, table screen Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) carved hardwood, possibly Huanghuali wood screen size: 48.5 x 54 cm (frame). Height 69 cm; width 61 cm; Depth 24 cm (feet)

An ivory table screen and stand, 19th/20th century of rectangular form carved with two panels set within the ivory frame, each decorated in high relief with a deer and crane beside rocks and plants in a fenced enclosure beside a large pine tree, the wood s

A Chinese archaistic celadon jade pouring vessel Yi Qing dynasty, 19th century (2). A Chinese archaistic celadon jade pouring vessel Yi Qing dynasty, 19th century of shallow form set with a dragon loop handle opposite the broad spout, the sides carved with

A Chinese four panelled table screen depicticting goldfish and mountains 21.5 cm high

A Chinese mother of pearl inlaid hardwood three fold embroidered silk table screen Qing Dynasty, late 19th/early 20th century, the central panel depicting cockerel, ho ho birds and parrots in a cherry blossom tree, flanked by a further two panels with conf

Chinese carved jade table screen on wooden base, 19th century, Qing dynasty.

A Chinese painted marble panel mounted in a wooden table screen, early 20th century, 50 cm high

A carved ivory table screen, Qing dynasty, 19th century, formed of two rectangular ivory plaques, each intricately carved on one side with warriors on horseback and on foot carrying banners, lanterns and bayonets, one group outside a city wall and the reve

A Chinese stone and hardwood table screen, the square framed panel containing a circle of decorative two toned stone, with side supports to trestle feet and having a relief carved lower border above a shaped apron. Height 41.5 cm. Width 33 cm. Depth 14 cm

A carved ivory table screen, depicting various ladies playing instruments in a courtyard length 31 cm

A White jade buckle, early Qing Dynasty, 17-18th century, very finely worked with a deer amongst pine and rockwork, incised decoration on the underside, with two 'flowerheads' for attachment, mounted on a later small wooden table screen, 7.8 cm x 6.5 cm

A Chinese porcelain circular table screen, with carved mythical lion stand the porcelain panel is painted in the Qianjiang enamel technique inside a dark hardwood frame. The stand is carved hardwood and decorated with pierced upper scrolling work, which su

A carved Chinese table screen mirror and a small treenware fan. mirror 55 cm high

A Chinese hard stone and carved ivory table screen, Qing Dynasty, with painted lacquer reverse, each panel with an inscription, 36 cm high, 16 cm wide

A Chinese carved hardwood table screen, Qing Dynasty 19th century, 88 cm high and 60 cm wide

A Chinese carved hardwood table screen, Qing Dynasty 19th century, 86 cm high, 57 cm wide

A Chinese hardwood table screen, Qing Dynasty 19th century, 68 cm high, 45 cm wide

A Qing Dynasty table screen / mirror ornately carved wooden stand decorated with flowers and leaves 78 cm high, 53 wide

A good Chinese hardwood table screen, Qing Dynasty, carved with fruit and flowers, 84 cm high, 55 cm wide

A 19th century Chinese ebony table screen finely carved in relief with the three gods in a pine tree landscape. Key border stand. Height 30 cm

A fine Chinese table screen in rosewood with a figured moutain landscape marble panel, the stand with delicate pierced oval panels, scalloped apron on four splayed feet. Height 56 cm. Width 59 cm. Depth 23 cm

Chinese carved hardwood table screen, Qing Dynasty, 19th century. 99 cm high, 65 cm wide

A large Chinese table screen, late Qing Dynasty (1874-1912), the simple red timber base and frame containing a ceramic polychrome panel. Depicting a notable seeking counsel from a wise fisherman with sundry characters including the horse handler and umbrel

A Chinese table screen, mid 20th century, in carved and pierced hardwood with a central ceramic medallion. Depicting a dramatic winter mountain and water scene. Height 62.5 cm. Width 51 cm. Depth 21 cm