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A suite of three Chinese porcelain vases, comprising a moon flask vase and pair of square baluster vases, decorated in famille rose panels with figures in garden scenes reserved on an orange 'cracked-ice' ground, the moon flask with sinuous dragon

A Chinese famille rose porcelain moon flask. The flattened circular form with tulip mouth and two handles issuing from the shoulder, the body decorated to either side with a view of a Christian crucifixion and European figures in a landscape. Height 37.5 c

A Chinese blue glazed moon flask, of flattened globular form, Qianlong seal mark to the base, rising from a short spreading foot to a cylindrical neck flanked by stylized dragons, the body with a raised central boss encircled by moulded lotus petal panels,

Chinese porcelain moon flask, twin bamboo form loop handles, famille rose decoration of peaches and pomegranate to each side, blue seal mark to base, height 21 cm

Chinese porcelain moon flask, decorated with peony scrolls, in bright tones of yellow, green, blue on a pink ground, flanked by a pair of shaped handles, on oval foot, with character marks to base, height 28 cm

Large Chinese moon flask vase in cobalt blue. Ex Orient House, approx 39 cm high, 30 cm wide

A Chinese porcelain moon flask, Xuande Reign mark (1426-1425) on the shoulder, 20th century, the body painted in underglaze blue with a black bird sitting on a flowering branch, probably made in Jingdezhen, height 28 cm

Chinese porcelain twin handled moon flask, in cobalt glaze, with cylindrical neck, and stylised handles, on oval foot, with seal marks, height 31 cm

Two Chinese blue and white moon-flasks, Qing Dynasty, 19th century decorated with a lotus surrounded by scrolling foliage above a band of stiff leaves and two chi long on the shoulders, 23.5 & 26.5 cm high

A Chinese moon flask with underglaze red front facing dragon, Qianlong seal mark, the circular body resting on a flared oval foot. Height 32 cm

Chinese blue and white moon flask vase. Decorated with two temple dogs, together with a blue vase and a blue and white ginger jar (3). Height 25.5 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Nancy Melick, NSW

A pair of Chinese green glazed moon flasks, probably late Qing Dynasty, 24 cm high (2)

A turquoise-glazed moon flask Qing dynasty, 18th century of multi-lobed form and oval section, the rounded sides springing from a waisted foot, tapering to the incurved mouth, covered with a bright turquoise glaze falling unevenly short of the splayed foot

A Chinese blue and yellow moon-flask, Qianlong mark, early 20th century, decorated with peaches and floral scrolls, fitted hard wood stand. 25 cm high. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Henry Cyril Adams

A Chinese porcelain Wucai moon flask vase with underglaze blue design and decorated to the exterior with brightly coloured 'Wucai' enamels depicting the popular motif of four young boys riding qilins chasing flaming pearls, Chenghua six-character inscripti

A Chinese blue and white moon flask, decorated with immortals, late Qing Dynasty, late 19th century, 34 cm high

Chinese blue & white porcelain moon flask vase silver finished mount, three character seal mark, early to mid 19th century. 25.5 cm

A Chinese blue and white export ware porcelain moon flask, the faces decorated with panels of figures in landscape, the sides and neck decorated with blossom on a cracked 'Ice' ground, two dragons form handles at the shoulder. Kangxi four character mark un

A Chinese Qingbai moon flask with double handles body incised with floral decoration, 27.5 cm

Pair of famille rose vases. Together with moon flask vase. VFigure pattern on body, gold gilded dragon handles on moon flask. H.26 cm (vases), 31 cm (flask)

A Chinese Republic style twin handled moon flask, decorated with a Kingfisher perched on a millet branch, six character marks to base. Height 16.5 cm

A large Chinese famille rose moon flask, decorated with panels of birds on branches. Applied dragon handles. Qianlong mark to base. Height 38 cm

Ox blood Chinese vase, white Chinese pottery water jug with moulded decoration, the jug with incised decoration and elephant handle, the shape moon flask with bat handles together with an ox blood vase. 50 cm, 42 cm, 42 cm.

A Chinese exportware blue and white moon flask. Height 26 cm

Famille rose moon flask with applied dragon handles. Jia Qing mark to base. Height 28 cm

A Chinese porcelain 'Moon Flask', Sang De Boeuf glaze splashed with green flecks, traditional shape with reishi handles moulded at the neck, Qianlong seal mark in blue under the foot. Height 20.5 cm

A Chinese pottery moon flask with floral and leaf decoration around a centre panel with bats and yellow glaze gground. Height 21 cm

A pair of Canton 'Famille-Rose' moon flasks, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, a pair of Canton 'Famille-Rose' moon flasks, Qing Dynasty, 19th century each of flattened circular form, standing on a high slightly splayed foot and surmounted by a tall cylindrical

A very large Chinese moon flask vase, bearing Chi'en Lung mark (1736-1795), the narrow neck above a pair of gilt dragon lug handles and a flattened cylindrical body decorated with a raised central image of a dragon against a yellow ground. Height 60 cm

Chinese carved mutton jade moon flask. Dragon design on the front & back, mythological animal figured handles & lid. 31 cm

A Chinese famille verte moon flask, the cylindrical neck above rounded shoulders set with dragon lug handles, the green ground decorated with flowering vines encompassing panels of birds among trees. Height 27 cm

A Chinese Ming style moon flask, bearing Ch'ien Lung mark 1736-1795, set with double square handles above the circular body decorated with flowering vines and auspicious Chinese symbols. Height17 cm

A Chinese late Qing blue and white moon flask, bearing Ch'ien Lung mark 1736-1795, the shoulder set with elegant dragon handles above a slightly bulbous body painted with birds among reeds. Standing on a circular rimmed foot. Height 32 cm

A Chinese blue and white moon flask, bearing a Kuang-hsu mark (1874-1908), with naturalistic root handles the neck and the body decorated with mountain and river scenes. Height 16.5 cm

A large Canton enamel porcelain moon flask, the circular body decorated with medallions depicting buildings, agricultural workers and extensive landscapes, within circular borders painted with Manchurian cranes, and further enclosed within a trefoil border

A Chinese famille jaune moon flask. Bearing Qianlong mark (1736-1795), the flattened spherical form with relief dragon lugs to each side and displaying figurative cartouches to front and verso. Stamped to base. Height 37 cm.

A Chinese blue and white moon flask, Also referred to as pilgrim bottles, this unusually large piece has a tapered cylindrical neck decorated with cell and bead patterns, the shoulders are surmounted by undulating dragon handles, the sides are decorated wi