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Large Chinese eggshell porcelain bowl, with Imperial yellow & dragon decoration, 30 cm diameter approx.

Large and impressive Chinese 18th century melon-shaped box and cover, decorated overall in an Imperial yellow colour, with two four-clawed dragons enamelled in green to the lid, the. Base left white with a Wanli mark and almost certainly of the period, cov

A fine Chinese Imperial yellow porcelain bowl, 19th century or earlier, covered overall in an Imperial yellow glaze, the foot glazed white with a very fine Yongzheng mark and possibly of the period. Repair to side. Height 7 cm. Diameter 15 cm

A Chinese Imperial yellow-glazed saucer dish, Jiajing mark and period, 1522-1566. 17.5 cm diameter. Provenance: Sidney L. Moss, London, attached label to verso. Private Collection, Melbourne

Three green and yellow decorated wine cups, with four iron red roundels each marked with four character apocryphal Guangxu reign marks. Diameter 7.2 cm. Together with a bright Imperial yellow tea bowl bearing incised apocryphal Guangxu reign mark. Minor fi

A Chinese porcelain side plate. Decorated in the birthday pattern with four calligraphic roundels on a bright Imperial yellow ground. Iron red six character Guangxu (1875-1908) mark and of the period. Auctioneers note: See a similar service in Allen's Auth

Late 19th century mantel vase painted panels of exotic birds and emblems in famille rose enamels on Imperial yellow ground 45 cm height

A rare antique Chinese porcelain tea tray with raised foliate rim, decorated with the birthday pattern on an Imperial yellow ground. The characters translate as 'Long life without end’ surrounding a central long life medallion. Diameter 27 cm

A Chinese Imperial yellow dragon bowl, Guangxu mark and period, 1875-1908, incised with two five-clawed dragons above clouds. 5.8 cm high, 10.8 cm diameter. Provenance: R & V Tregaskis, 1/3/1998

Rare antique Chinese porcelain tea tray with upraised foliate rim, decorated with the 'Birthday' pattern on a rich Imperial yellow ground. The gilded characters within the roundels translate as 'Long life without end', and surround a central 'Shou' or long

Pair of Chinese Guangxu mark and period birthday pattern plates, decorated with four gilded roundels with characters reading 'Long life without end' surrounding a stylised central shou (longlife) character among clouds, allon a bright Imperial yellow groun

A large Chinese Imperial yellow bowl, underglaze blue six character Guangxu mark and of the period (1875-1908), incised with a dragon above waves. 18.5 cm diameter. Provenance: The Yangzhitang Collection, Christies Singapore 30/03/1997 Lot 301. Exhibited.

Pair of Imperial yellow fine porcelain tea bowls, quangxn marks. Finely decorated with rockery and orchids ¹ character seal marks to base and sides with calligraphy poem, 11 cm diameter

Chinese Imperial yellow dragon incised bow with underglaze six Kangxi character marks to base. 15 cm diameter. (Ex Sotheby's)

A Chinese Qing-style Imperial yellow-glazed bowl, 20th century, in the Ming revival manner of compressed globular form with an everted rim, yellow-glazed throughout over incised decoration of Imperial five-toed dragons, the base with a six-character mark.

An Imperial yellow Chinese pottery tile, 14/15th century, Moulded with a five-clawed dragon. 17cm diameter. Provenance: A Sydney private collection

An Imperial yellow saucer dish, Jiajing mark and period (1522-1566), 22.3 cm diameter. Covered in a translucent egg-yolk glaze, six-character mark in underglaze blue, with box

An Imperial yellow saucer dish, Tongzhi mark and period, covered with a good even glaze

A pair of Chinese bowls, bearing K'ang-hsi mark (1662-1722), the body glazed in Imperial yellow to the exterior and white interior. Height 4.5 cm. Diameter 10.5 cm

A Chinese plate, bearing Yung Cheng mark (1723-1735). Decorated with birds in a cherry blossom tree surrounded by flowers, the exterior with an Imperial yellow glaze. Diameter 20.5 cm

Chinese triple gourd form vase. Imperial yellow lustre glaze with incised decoration of 5 clawed dragons and clouds, with the dragons chasing flaming pearls. Ming 6 character mark, but probably Republic period. Height 42.5 cm

An Imperial yellow saucer dish Tongzhi mark and period, covered with a good even glaze

A Chinese Imperial yellow dragon bowl Guangxu period (1875-1908), the exterior incised with striding dragons amongst clouds Guangxu mark 14.4 cm

Ch'ing Dynasty pair of bowls. Imperial yellow ground with incised floral and cloud motifs. Seal mark for Emperor K'ang Hsi (1662 - 1722). Height 6 cm, 11.5 cm diameter

A Qing Dynasty porcelain polychrome baluster floor jar and cover the upper surface decorated with six ruyi and flower heads on an Imperial yellow ground above six shaped panels of birds and flowers individual combinations on a black ground, the panels abov

A large Chinese Imperial yellow-glazed bowl, Jiaqing mark, but later 18.8 cm diameter

Three miniature vases, Qing Dynasty; a celadon-glazed vase with relief design in underglaze blue & white slip, 18th century; an Imperial yellow-glazed vase incised with lotus scroll; a finely crackled green-glazed vase.

A Chinese porcelain bowl, Republic period, with everted lip on a straight cylindrical foot in Imperial yellow glaze, Daoguang seal mark, 13 cm diameter. Changed

A pair of Chinese porcelain offering bowls of handsome proportions, with rampant five claw dragon incised to the internal central roundel and to the exterior in Imperial yellow glaze, six character Jiaqing mark under the glaze, 28 cm diameter. Height 14 cm